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Do It or Ditch It Book (NOT SIGNED!)

In her Sunday Times bestselling book Do it! Or Ditch It, Bev James guides readers through her eight steps to business success. By adopting the Do it! Or Ditch it approaches, you too can turn ideas into action and make decisions that count. 


Bev shows you how to focus on the ideas that work, and how to ditch those that steal time and distract you from the bigger picture. Whether you’re starting up in business, already running a company or just want to be better at your job, the Do It! Or Ditch It approach will help you succeed every step of the way, giving you the tools and confidence to move forwards with drive and purpose.  


Get a personal connection by ordering yourself a signed copy of Bev's book, plus a notepad and bookmark included so you can always find your top tip with ease. 


‘Without doubt, meeting Bev has been the most pivotal and influential factor in my career. Bev turned me from a young guy with enthusiasm and ideas into a businessman with a strategy and a clear vision for my future.’ - JOE WICKS.