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Digital Credentials Now Available

We’re proud to announce that The Coaching Academy will now be releasing digital credentials as a representation of a coaching qualification.

Digital credentials give TCA Credential-holders a way to share their knowledge, skills and abilities online in a way that is simple and trusted and can be easily verified in real time.

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A digital credential, sometimes also referred to as a digital badge, is an online representation of a qualification or confirmation of training that has been attended.

Above and beyond what a paper certificate can offer, a digital credential holds metadata about what the graduate has completed in order to be awarded the credential. Others, for ex. clients or employers, will be able to see exactly what the individual has accomplished along the journey to achieve the credential.

Accessing your Digital Credential

Your TCA digital badge is designed for easy access. Beginning August 2021, new graduates will be invited to accept their digital badge.

All students will find a step by step guide in your Online Learning Portal, in the ‘How to Qualify’ section.

Once you receive and accept your badge, you and your peers will be able to view your online credential.

Why are TCA making this change to offer digital credentials?

  • 1. Digital credentials enable an individual to hold all their qualifications and recognitions easily in one online location.
  • 2. Easily demonstrates what the individual has done in order to be awarded the credential.
  • 3. The individual will gain immediate access of their digital credential with no time lag of issuing a paper certificate.
  • 4. Digital credentials use blockchain technology making it much more secure and virtually impossible to copy, therefore creating confidence that your qualification is authentic without concern over the security of sharing on digital platforms.
  • 5. The Coaching Academy has partnered with Credly Acclaim who are the worlds largest digital credential service which already has a sophisticated and well networked platform in place.
  • 6. Credly acclaim is also linked to 1000’s of job boards, connected to the associated skills stated within the credential descriptions that the individual being awarded has demonstrated.

FAQ - Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Why is a digital credential important?

The information is visible as to what the earner of the digital credential has done in order to achieve the recognition through the means of metadata. This allows any individual or organisation to verify the content of a course/training that a holder of a digital credential has completed as well as verify that the individual they are researching has indeed been awarded that credential.

What is the difference between a digital credential and a hard copy certificate?

A digital credential shares what the earner of the credential has accomplished in order to receive the credential. A digital credential can be instantly verified. A digital credential also has skills tags connected to demonstrated the key skills that an earner of the credential has displayed whilst working towards their training/qualification. These skills tags are linked to job sites also.

How will I know when I have earned my digital credential?

You will receive an email from admin@credly.com inviting you to accept the badge that has been awarded to you.

How can I share my credential with others?

The Credly Acclaim system that The Coaching Academy are using enables you to share your digital credential across the popular social media platforms as well as download to use on your website or email signature. Once you have been awarded a credential and have accepted this you will have sight on how easy it is to share your recognition.

Can I use a digital credential for insurance purposes?

Yes. Your digital credential for a diploma qualification demonstrates that you are a qualified coach from a reputable coach training organisation. You can download a pdf certificate for anyone who requires this.

Is there an additional cost to having a digital credential?

No. This is a service that we provide to all graduates and those attending our individual training sessions.

How is my digital credential secure once I share it?

Your digital credential that is awarded to you is encrypted with blockchain technology, meaning that only the issuing organisation can change the content of the credential and verification of the credential can only take place towards the individual in which it has been awarded – ie you.

Can I get a digital credential for previous qualifications?

The Coaching Academy are unable to retrospectively allocate a digital credential for a previously awarded qualification or training event.

Can a graduate still get a hard copy certificate?

They can download a pdf certificate through their digital credential access and print this out. Alternatively they can order a hard copy certificate by emailing the support team on support@the-coaching-academy.com There is a charge of £25 + VAT per certificate for this service.