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The International Coaching Awards

The Coaching Academy firmly believes that great work achieved by its coaches deserves recognition and so the awards ceremony was born. After last year's hugely successful event we remain committed to celebrating the fantastic achievements of TCA qualified coaches who continually inspire and make a difference to the lives of so many.

Meet the 2015 Winners!

Life Coach Of The Year Award 2015

Carolyne Crowe

Carolyne works with veterinary teams and individuals within the profession coaching them through professional and personal challenges and helping them to build more effective, productive and harmonious teams, she also runs workshops and training sessions that focus on leadership, team building and stress management techniques helping professionals to get the most out of their lives and careers.

Youth Coach Of The Year 2015

Mark Anderson (Kickstart Careers)

Mark works in 3 different schools, focusing on career coaching; he continually makes a positive contribution to the careers of the young people he coaches.

Parent Coach Of The Year 2015

Sharon Lawton (Natural-Flair Coaching)

Sharon works with parents identified by social services as needing coaching. She coaches to help break unhelpful patterns of behaviour in parenting and empowers people to become the parent they want to be, helping families to move their relationships forwards.

NLP Coach Of The Year 2015

Elizabeth Ryan (Ice Cool Confidence)

Elizabeth coaches mind-set skills and mental resilience to young figure skaters and their parents. She helps skaters to overcome nerves and enhance their confidence for British championships and international competition, helping skaters to accelerate their performance. It was a double celebration on Saturday as Elizabeth travelled back from Sheffield from the British UK men’s championship, one of Elizabeth’s clients had won a gold medal for British championship for the junior men’s category of skaters, and he has also been featured on a CBBC programme that follows talented figure skaters.

Executive Coach Of The Year 2015

Julie Hutchison

Julie coaches leaders of technical teams to increase productivity through leadership skills. She coaches people with her leadership programme across the police force and engineering companies helping businesses to stand out in their business. 

Small Business Coach of The Year 2015

Tina Dulieu (Coaching Dynamics)

Tina coaches business owners in strategic business planning and organisational structure for growth. She helps business owners to tap into their potential, empathises with their challenges and asks them the coaching questions that can steer them in the direction they want to go.

Best Newcomer Of The Year 2015

Rita Chowdhry (Savran)

Rita coaches organisations to help them gain a better understanding of its people to accelerate their performance. She works closely with SME’s, entrepreneurs and managers from diverse groups and backgrounds to promote positive change within organisations.

International Coach Of The Year 2015

Dominika Miernik (DM coaching)

Dominika specialises in career and expat coaching. She helps her clients with international career change, helping them to navigate through the challenges and opportunities associated with discovering a new career and adapting to a new country so that they can transition effortlessly into their desired lifestyle. 

Coaching For A Cause Award 2015

Christopher Catt (The Life Coach Station)

Christopher coaches employees, managers and business owners with disabilities and long term health conditions. He helps those with disabilities to achieve success in their careers. He is a role model to all those he works with, inspiring them to unlock their potential.

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