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NLP Practitioner Programme

By adding the power of NLP to a solid underpinning of coaching techniques, you can really make a difference in your own life and in the lives of those you coach.

Association for NLP

in association with Sarah Urquhart ANLP Accredited Trainer

Will the NLP Practitioner Programme suit you?

If you want to master the art of effective communication and rapport building; either to extend you own knowledge or to use the experience within a Coaching environment, then the NLP Practitioner Programme is for you.

What is the NLP Practitioner Programme?

The NLP Practitioner Programme is an 8 day course specifically designed to meet the needs of coaches.

Developing NLP Practitioner skills will help achieve outstanding results with your clients and yourself. Your thoughts have a powerful effect over your feelings and create your behaviours. One of the greatest gifts you will give yourself from the NLP Practitioner programme is learning how to have greater control over your state- no matter what is happening in your environment.

What you will learn

  • How to manage your emotional state and choose how you feel despite any situation you find yourself in and how to share this knowledge with others.

  • How to use the power of your mind to easily and effortlessly overcome any bad feelings or associations you have to situations, people, places and things.
  • The power of Language. Uncover the hidden meanings in what people say. Artful ways to loosen limiting beliefs in others. Helping others to become aware of their own limiting language.
  • Find out how people motivate themselves (and don't!). Identify what drives people to behave in certain ways and to change it.
  • Helping people overcome conflict - within themselves and with others - so that they can move forward without being hooked back into un-resourceful positions.

Course Structure

Our syllabus is the most advanced in the UK, designed by professional coaches and accredited by the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

You will receive a comprehensive workbook containing information, thought provoking activities and exercises to help you gain the knowledge required to shape the foundations of becoming an excellent NLP Practitioner.

The workbook supports the live training days, (see below) which we call accelerator days as this is exactly what they will do - accelerate your learning, with the added bonus of meeting and developing your skills with like-minded people.

To help cement your learning you will also:

  • Have access to a number of online video resources.
  • Have life access to our dedicated members resource centre.
  • Be provided with tools to use directly with your coaching clients.
  • Be able to download any number of the 100's of recorded seminars to hear from experts on how they use coaching in their field of expertise around the world.

If that isn't enough, you will be invited to join in on the regular live webinars that discuss the finer art of the coaching core competencies.

The NLP Practitioner course includes six live training days plus a weekend of reflection, consolidation and observation.

Click on the accelerator day name for further information.

Part 1 - 10 Sessions More Info
Part 2 - 9 Sessions More Info
Part 3 - 6 Sessions More Info

How it Works

Our superior model of layered, multi-media learning means that your motivation stays high right the way through your qualification.

The course starts as soon as you register

You are given access to the password protected members' area of the website and to its online resource centre.

You can then join our international online community, with over 2000 members at any one time. Chat with other coaches on the same course and learn from the more experienced hands.


Sarah Urquhart, the Head of NLP Training for The Coaching Academy, has taken a lead role in developing The NLP Practitioner Award and leads several of the live training days. She is an accredited trainer with the Association of NLP (ANLP) which means she has met their robust quality standards. In taking this course not only will you qualify with The Coaching Academy's NLP Practitioner Qualification, but you will also gain the ANLP accreditation. This recognised qualification, when added to the rigour provided by The Coaching Academy's proven coach training system, mean you will be superbly equipped to coach using a firm foundation of NLP tools and techniques. The syllabus is the most advanced in the UK. We believe it eclipses anything offered elsewhere, and that any coach undertaking this level of training will stand head and shoulders above anyone who has attended a lesser programme.

Your course materials

On the first day of the NLP Practitioner Award you will receive a huge package of training materials. But don't worry the qualification is simple, interactive and straightforward.

Join us at our luxury conference venue

You will soon be ready for your first live training at Latimer House in Buckinghamshire. Why this particular venue? It's accessible, the parking free, the disabled facilities convenient, the food excellent, the bedrooms reasonably priced and the bar and lounge convivial. The duty staff know us well and always pay attention to our guests - and that means you.

The NLP Practitioner course consists of 6 days of training, followed by 2 days of consolidation and assessment. The 6 training days are organised in two parts of 3 days' duration, with only a few weeks' between the parts. You must attend part 1 before attending part 2 so that you maximise your learning experience. The final 2 days are attended after you have submitted the written assessment element of the NLP tools and techniques. You will be given further information about this on your first day of attendance at the NLP Practitioner course. The interactivity and sense of community are such that you might not want to leave at 5.30pm!

Slot the training into your busy schedule

99% of our students work full-time and find no time challenge with taking the qualification. Indeed the recent trend is for most people to do more than one course. Because we have taken a multimedia approach you can read the training manuals on the train, watch the online video resources at home and learn in whatever way suits you.

People find that the live training days at Latimer House become a sea of tranquility in otherwise busy lives. All look forward to the boost of energy and motivation it gives them for the coming month.

How long does it take to qualify?

Our NLP Practitioner course is organised differently to our other Coaching Diplomas and you can be qualified within 3-4 months of attending day 1 of the training course. This gives you sufficient time to attend both part 1 and part 2 of the training workshop, complete your written assessment elements and then return for a final 2 days of consolidation, assessment and celebration of your status as a fully qualified NLP Practitioner!

How to Qualify

Between each live training day there are assignments to be completed based on course materials. Complete those assignments, attend the live training days and let one of our assessors listen to you coach a practice client on three occasions and with a little bit of help from us you have done all that is needed to complete your qualification.

How long does it take to qualify?

We don't impose a deadline on you finishing the Diploma, you can fit the training in around your own life and complete the qualification at your own speed. Anything from nine to eighteen months is typical.

Accelerator Training Sessions

Just so you know: Our renowned live training sessions are called 'Accelerator Training' because they have been specially designed to accelerate the progress of our students.

Please see below for a list of all our current coaching courses/Accelerator sessions and dates. Click on the name of the course for further information, or click the 'More Info' button to book online straight away.

Our training programme varies with different courses running at different times, please refer to the individual course programme or email the team on info@the-coaching-academy.com.

October 2020

NLP Practitioner
Virtual Training : Part 2 - 9 Sessions
Webinar registration closed. More Info

December 2020

NLP Practitioner
Virtual Training : Part 3 - 6 Sessions
Webinars : 07/12/2020, 12/12/2020, 12/12/2020, 13/12/2020, 13/12/2020, 14/12/2020
(All 6 sessions, each 90 minutes long, must be attended)
More Info

January 2021

NLP Practitioner
Virtual Training : Part 1 - 10 Sessions
Webinars : 22/01/2021, 25/01/2021, 27/01/2021, 28/01/2021, 01/02/2021, 03/02/2021, 04/02/2021, 08/02/2021, 10/02/2021
(All 9 sessions, each 90 minutes long, must be attended)
More Info

March 2021

NLP Practitioner
Virtual Training : Part 2 - 9 Sessions
Webinars : 15/03/2021, 17/03/2021, 18/03/2021, 22/03/2021, 24/03/2021, 25/03/2021, 29/03/2021, 31/03/2021, 01/04/2021
(All 9 sessions, each 90 minutes long, must be attended)
More Info

May 2021

NLP Practitioner
Virtual Training : Part 3 - 6 Sessions
Webinars : 21/05/2021, 22/05/2021, 22/05/2021, 23/05/2021, 23/05/2021, 24/05/2021
(All 6 sessions, each 90 minutes long, must be attended)
More Info

Enrolment Fees

Try us out first completely FREE for 2-days and sample the high level of training provided by The Coaching Academy.

Should you wish to apply to enrol on a Diploma programme, our fees are simple and easy to understand. Each Diploma has an enrolment fee of £3,997 + vat. This fee applies to:

  • The Personal Performance Diploma - this is the Diploma that teaches how to be a great coach
  • The Small Business Diploma
  • The Corporate & Executive Diploma
  • The NLP practitioner programme

Bursary Funding

The Bursary funding offers a contribution towards your enrolment fee if you are self-funding - generally speaking around £1,000 per Diploma, although it does vary a little. The Coaching Academy Bursary funding programme was launched in 2012 to help those who require some financial assistance without incurring a debt. This programme has enabled many people to unlock a future that would not have been possible otherwise.

Payment Plans

Some people may need to spread their enrolment fee over a period of time. We offer tailored, interest free payment plans to successful applicants however, these cannot be guaranteed until we have spoken directly to you.

Why do we offer it?

The Coaching Academy are very aware that for some people, funding frustration can be a problem. Lack of funds prevent potentially great coaches from developing the skills required to break free and open up new possibilities through the acquisition of coaching skills - Our funding programme unlocks opportunity and releases potential.

How do I find out more/apply?

If you would like more information, if you have questions or if you would just like to enrol, complete the expression of interest form below.

Call Us On 0208 996 5057