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DISC Coaching Kit and DISC Personality System Profile/Workbook

The Kit contains:


The DISC Personality Profile Questionnaire and Workbook – this workbook contains a paper version of the DISC profile questionnaire along with some supporting information around the different profiles/blends and the DISC model of human behaviour.  Use the workbook to support your clients who are unable to access the online system to understand the different DISC behaviour styles and take some of the mystery out of everyday behaviour.


The DISC Style Blends Sheet:  Gives you a clear and concise way of showing which style blends in with each part of the DISC behaviour model. Perfect for when coaching teams, small groups, and Companies. Use as a visual handout for your coaching clients or part of your training aids or customer products as a DISC Licensed Trainer.  


The DISC Preferences Sheet:  Highly visual and engaging, the DISC Preferences and influences card supports you and your clients to be aware of their own and their colleague’s preferences and how to improve relationships, dynamics, and team communication.  


The DISC Behaviour Model Card: Is essential for any DISC practitioner. It can be used when giving feedback on your client’s profile making your coaching session more visual. Also perfect for any DISC Licensed trainers to use when delivering your DISC Certification training to use as handouts or part of your delegates packs. 


The DISC Behavioural Model Wheel: Is the perfect addition to your DISC coaching toolkit. Great to use when supporting teams, team leaders and managers to see visually where each member of their team plots within the DISC model. A great visual representation of DISC team dynamics at a glance.  


A  collection of DISC Behaviour Style Cards: Show everything you and your clients need to know about each style, from motivations to describing words for each style, it is a great addition to your toolbox.