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NLP Training

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NLP Diploma Programme – Level 1 Foundation Training

Are you looking to learn strong foundational level NLP skills to use in your own life and the lives of those around you both personally and professionally?

Are you looking for easy to learn and practical NLP tools to manage yourself, understand and communicate better with others and get really clear about what’s important to you in your life and work?

What is NLP?

NLP is short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and describes the 3 parts of the human communication process.

  • The Neurological effect
  • The Language Patterns we use
  • The Programming is about our habitual programmes and behaviours and also how we can re-write those programmes

NLP was originally developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder and is the study of excellence. They believed it was possible to identify the patterns of thoughts and behaviours of successful individuals and to teach or model them to others.

The NLP Diploma programme has been specifically created as a result of feedback from people like you who are looking for level 1 (introduction) training leading to strong foundations in NLP Even though NLP gives you the perfect tools for a practising coach, you do not need to have knowledge or experience in coaching to enrol on this Diploma as it is a completely stand alone programme.

When enrolling on the Diploma Programme you will join as a cohort with our NLP Practitioner students at the beginning of their training too, which means you are able to continue your journey and easily progress to the more advanced Practitioner level programme if you wish to.

We are also pleased to say our NLP Diploma is fully accredited by INLPTA (The International NLP Trainers Association), and meets their full assessment criteria.

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INLPTA Accredited


Our NLP Faculty head and Master trainer Sarah Urquhart has been training with us since 2002 her unique style of training reflects how to apply NLP skills in the ‘real world’.

A benefit of NLP is learning how to have greater control over your state - no matter what is happening in your environment.

Developing NLP skills will help you achieve outstanding results with your clients and yourself. Your thoughts have a powerful effect over your feelings and create your behaviours.

If you are curious about NLP and you want to build a solid foundational knowledge, then the NLP Diploma training is for you.

Our superior model of layered, multi-media learning means that your motivation stays high all the way through your qualification.

Fit the training around your busy life

This is adult education and our NLP Diploma programme has been designed for busy people giving you flexibility to fit your studies around life’s priorities. Once enrolled, we will send you a welcome email with more details of your NLP journey with us including registering to attend the live online training.


The NLP Diploma programme consists of 30 hours of live ‘online training in our virtual classroom environment with our NLP Master Trainers.

Course Structure

You will receive an abundance of training bursting with information and thought provoking activities. These will help you gain the foundation knowledge required to shape your use of NLP.

Each live, virtual training event, will accelerate your learning and development, with the added bonus of meeting and developing your skills with like-minded people. In total, the NLP Diploma Programme includes the required 30 hours of engaging and informative, content-rich training for the programme to be INLPTA approved. (INLPTA is the International NLP Trainers Association)

NLP Diploma Live Training Sessions:

This is where is all starts! Session one is a welcome, getting to know your fellow students along with setting out the programme and getting you all-ready! The following sessions will start to establish;

  • Who are you and why are you here
  • What do you want
  • How NLP will help you
  • Definitions of NLP
  • NLP and Coaching
  • Principles of NLP
  • Framing
  • Outcome setting – setting yourself up for success
  • Visualising your success by learning the methodology of NLP mental rehearsals
  • Creating strong resourceful anchors to help you when you are stretching yourself out of your comfort zone

Introducing NLP tools and techniques:

  • Communication Model
  • Eye Accessing
  • Rapport building
  • Representational systems
  • And much more

On successful completion of the live training you will receive a registered certificate from the International NLP Trainers Association

How To Qualify

Our Master Trainers, who are INLPTA registered, will guide you step by step through all the requirements needed to gain your NLP Diploma as stated by INLPTA below

  • 30 hours of formal training
  • The attended training meets the INLPTA accreditation competency standards and guidelines
  • The candidate has successfully met the competency standards of INLPTA of NLP Diploma, as assessed by the registered INLPTA Trainer

Enrolment Fees

Should you wish to apply to enrol on the NLP Diploma, our fees are simple and easy to understand. The Diploma has an enrolment fee of £1,997 +vat and with the bursary applied can be as little as £1,397+vat on average.


Why we have introduced the bursary scheme.

As an organisation we know the power that NLP has to change lives, and we want to support that as much as we can – we also recognise and acknowledge that there maybe people who have the skill and potential to be seriously great and successful but are unable to move on and enrol because of finances and so the Academy reflected on what we could do so support those people to move forward

Where eligibility is concerned the very simple criteria is that you are covering the enrolment fees yourself or through your own small business and you are not been sponsored by your employer.

So if you are wanting to find out more about how you can take advantage of our bursary funding which will make a significant difference to your enrolment fee, then we would highly recommend you speaking to our enrolment and support team who will give you more information.


Some people may need to spread their enrolment fee over a period of time. We offer tailored, interest-free payment plans to successful applicants.

I'm interested, what do I do next?

Book our free NLP webinar

Join NLP Master Trainer Mike Blissett on this 90-minute this free, live, virtual training and discover what it is like to train with us at The Coaching Academy and understand the 2 NLP qualification pathways.

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