Early last year I received (group) coaching aimed at figuring out 'what next?' After 16 years in a corporate role, I knew I wanted to do something different career-wise, but I wasn't sure what.

Through the course of the coaching sessions, I explored what activities and aspects of my current role, hobbies and volunteer work I found rewarding and fulfilling (coaching, facilitating, delivering workshops, teaching) and considered how I could turn these into a career that made me jump out of bed in the morning raring for the day ahead to start.

During this time, a colleague attended the 2-day certification event run by The Coaching Academy and decided to sign up for a diploma. Encouraged by their experience, I attended a 2-day event in Leeds. I absolutely loved it, especially the coaching exercises, so I signed up for the Personal Performance Diploma too.

I completed the diploma over the next 15 months, attending the accelerator days in both Crewe and Buckinghamshire. Despite Crewe being much closer, I decided I would attend either of the venues, whichever dates I could make and then catch up with the DVDs and online webinars. The accelerator days were brilliant, both in terms of the training and exercises and the time spent with other trainees. Each time I came home tired but wired with enthusiasm and passion. Throughout the diploma, I kept close contact with a couple of other trainees who lived near me. Their support, whether through reciprocal practice coaching or discussing our learning, was invaluable.

Inspired by The Coaching Acadamy’s Pam Lidford to 'start as I mean to go on', I looked for practice clients outside of my immediate network and found some fantastic clients through contacts of contacts. By letting everyone I knew (or met) know about my training, I gathered practice clients from across the UK and in the US. These practice clients chose to take up the offer of coaching in order to make a difference and some have even continued working with me today now that I am fully qualified. As well as the live training days, I loved the coaching practice. Diligently completing the learning record sheets after each session took a great deal of discipline but I was more than determined.

The assessments were invaluable but sometimes a little uncomfortable. Having been overly self-conscious in my pre-practical and initial assessments, I decided the final assessment would be different this time. Before the assessment, to feel confident and reduce my cortisol levels, I adopted a ’power pose’. I'm happy to report that the assessment went well and it felt so good to receive the feedback this time!

During the last year, thanks to the coaching I've received myself, I decided to take a leap of faith into self-employment as a coach and facilitator. 

I now coach individuals and teams empowering them to enjoy a more fulfilling life both inside and outside of work.  I also combine this with teaching dance and I'm able to shape how I spend my time accordingly. This means I have the kind of days and weeks that make me jump out of bed every day, eager to start the day.

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