What does your morning routine look like? Is it filled with snoozed alarms until you drag yourself out of bed? Do you rush out the door with a coffee in hand and stress in your mind?

If you can answer yes to any or all these scenarios, then you aren’t alone. We all tend to hit the snooze to steal a few more Z’s and fuel up with caffeine on our rushed morning commute. While these habits are common, they also start the day off with chaos, which stops us from feeling ready to take on the tasks ahead of us. 

When you establish the right morning rituals they help set the tone for your day. They empower and prepare you for the day ahead and create a mindset of success and happiness. Make time for yourself in the morning by incorporating these 6 simple rituals to help power up your day:

1. Rise Early 

Some of the most successful people in the world are early risers. It is a simple morning ritual that has been proven to increase productivity and success. By rising early you give yourself a quiet time, before the distractions of the day flood in, to focus, plan and prepare for the day ahead. Waking up early also allows you to set clear and consistent morning rituals that can be achieved every day. 

2. Write a Daily Intention 

Coaching teaches people how to set goals with intentions which allows us to feel more focused and empowered in our daily lives. Start your morning ritual by taking yourself one step closer to the goals you would like to achieve by writing one daily intention. No step, action or intention is small as they each day they are helping bring you closer to the larger goals at your horizon.   

3. Positive Affirmations

Daily positive affirmations help us align our thoughts in an uplifting and success-oriented way. Each morning before you step into the shower, put on your make up or shave, look in the mirror and spend 5 minutes practising 5 personal positive affirmations. These simple but powerful statements will wake up your brain and get you ready for the day ahead. 

4. Move Your Body 

Exercise and stretching in the morning help kick start your day. For some people incorporating an hour run or gym class into their morning routine works best, and for others, a reviving 10 to 15 minutes of stretching is the boost they need. Either way, moving your body instead of hitting the snooze button is a great way to energise and prepare for the day ahead. 

5. Fuel Up 

Instead of heading straight for caffeine, nourish your body with a healthy pre-planned breakfast. Whether it’s a meal you have prepared the night before or an old healthy favourite, eating breakfast and re-hydrating your body with water is an easy and tasty morning ritual to maintain. 

6. Visualisation 

Useful coaching techniques, such as NLP help people to focus their intentions and visualise successful outcomes. Spend a few moments each morning breathing deeply and visualising the productive day ahead of you, hone in on your daily intention and let yourself navigate what is ahead of you. This is a ritual, alike meditation, which can take practice so add it into your routine incrementally, allowing yourself to visualise the day ahead for moments at a time. 

These easy morning rituals can have a huge impact on your daily outlook and overall energy. Carving out space at the beginning of the day to centre yourself and prepare to help you productively and positively take on the day ahead.

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