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NLP techniques to reach your goals fast

The Coaching Academy Blog

Posted: June 2018

Can you think of a time when you set yourself a goal, or wanted to achieve something, but for whatever reason, you didn't succeed? Maybe you have a goal right now - an idea about what you might want to do, to achieve or to be, which you haven't managed to achieve?

In his best-selling book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey writes:

Highly effective people begin with the end in mind.”

What Stephen Covey was talking about, in other words, is that effective people (people who regularly achieve their goals) don’t make goals - they create outcomes!

Goals are great - they help us to understand what we want. But goals without action don’t help us to decide how to get there. As a result, it’s easy to know what we want, and want a lot of things, but never get them.

Create an effective outcome using NLP

You may have heard of NLP before - by its basic definition, NLP is used by coaches and other professionals as a collection of techniques - these techniques can give you greater control over your ability to be at your best more often.

Literally, NLP stands for:

Neuro – our mind and how we think

Linguistic – how we use language and how it affects us

Programming – how we take particular action steps in order to achieve our goals.

NLP can be helpful in our efforts to achieve our goals because it helps us to understand how the words we use and think are a mirror to our mental world!

So what is the connection between goals, outcomes and our mental programming?

There are many factors that determine whether or not we succeed at achieving a goal:

• how we are programmed to behave,

• our daily habits and decisions

• our approach to life

• and many more…

It is clear that the way that we think determines our ability to achieve a goal. So if you could do one thing that changed the way you think, which would help you to become someone who achieves their goals - would you do it?

This is why using NLP to create outcomes can make quite a difference to our ability to achieve our goals. Creating outcomes, instead of goals, using NLP techniques, can help to reprogram the way that we think, and in turn, we can reprogram how we think, how we behave and the many, many big and small decisions that we make every day, which can affect our lives.

Essentially, in every interaction, action or thought, you should know what you want to achieve as your outcome.

And so… the more precisely and positively you can define what you want, the more likely you are to achieve it.

Can you think of a goal right now that you want to achieve? How long have you been trying to achieve that goal?

NLP coaching could be just that one extra step that could make a big difference in your life.

Want to discover more about how to drive your peak performance with NLP?

Join Master NLP Practitioner and TCA’s NLP Programme Trainer, Sarah Urquhart on the 10th of November for the NLP Taster Day in Central London where you can gain a deeper understanding of powerful NLP tools and techniques to unleash your potential and accelerate your personal and business success!


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