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Celebrating success and inspiring greatness


Posted: 21-11-2018

The role of a coach is to help others bridge the gap between where they currently are to where they would like to be. Coaches help transform the lives of so many, and The Coaching Academy firmly believes that the outstanding work achieved by its coaches deserves recognition. Therefore, the International Coaching Awards was created to celebrate our community and recognised their success over nine different categories.

Now in its fourth year, the Awards ceremony continues to carry the ethos of The Coaching Academy by celebrating success and inspiring greatness. It is an evening where TCA students, trainers, qualified coaches and their loved ones are able to come together and honour the people who continually make a difference through coaching. 

Our Inspiring CEO, Bev James opened our 4th International Coaching Awards by sharing her coaching journey and top tips she has learnt along the way:

From delegate to The Coaching Academy CEO:

Bev James started her coaching journey in 2005 after a friend recommended her to attend TCA’s Free Introduction to Life Coaching Webinar. By lunchtime, Bev knew she had stumbled upon something great: ‘I remember the nervous excitement that comes with knowing you have found something truly special’, explained Bev. Filled with inspiration, Bev set herself the goals to qualify as a coach with The Coaching Academy and to become one of their world-class trainers. 

‘I set a goal of becoming a trainer for TCA which scared me on two levels, firstly because the bar was set so high and all of the trainers were and are at the top of their game and are truly world class. Secondly, I also had a fear of public speaking which turned my stomach to spin cycle 10 in a nano-second,’ Bev explained. These self-limiting beliefs would have made it easy for Bev to keep this goal as a dream and not make it a reality. However, she continued forward with her studies and found that along the way that to ‘live your best life you may have to become comfortable feeling uncomfortable and living in your stretch zone,’ Bev explained. 

In 2008, exactly 1000 days after Bev had attended her first training with TCA, she was appointed managing director of TCA and is now the CEO. A decade on, Bev’s journey is an inspiration for many and here are some top tips she learnt along her way:

Recognise and correct limiting beliefs

‘Do something that offers you no guarantee of success, be prepared to fail and fail big if necessary, do what’s scary and hard but will make the biggest difference to you in the end.’ – Bev James

Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable 

‘Most of the worthwhile things in my life started out as something that first terrified me.’ – Bev James 

Take action and make the most of the opportunities

‘Coaching changed my life and becoming a coach has created many opportunities for me, but I had to take them.’ – Bev James 

Work toward greatness

‘I don’t think that being great is something you aim for in the future, I think it’s something you have to do every single day.’ – Bev James


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