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Marcela Soler – Trust yourself and the process


Coaching came to my life as it comes into many of others: at the right time. It appeared in the form of healing tool when I was in crossroads in my life, but turned soon into a passion.

One year ago, I was questioning myself about my last 20 professional years, as I was feeling I had no direction or a clear sense of how I wanted to continue. 

I had been a financial leader of a large corporation in several parts of the world: I loved my company and my work... Until I realised that there was a mismatch in between what I wanted for my future and what I was living, and either I gave up to my fears or do a change. I also looked back and realised that the not regrettable part was leading and relating with people, discovering their culture, ambitions and connecting in a way that we were able to encourage them for changes creating long-lasting professional relationships - at the same time, not only able to build rapport, but also because I cared about helping them in the best way I could.

In this process, an ex-colleague asked me if I had explored studying coaching. It was also when The Coaching Academy was recommended for another friend who coincidently was experiencing similar self-reflection with what I was. At that point, her enthusiasm resulted as contagious that, when I less expected this, I was already surfing on the course! Planning the Accelerators days, searching for all possible webinars, engaging friends and connections to get practice clients and reading books with such a passion that I felt as when I was in my twenties and I wanted to conquer the world!

I loved the team, I loved the program, I love discovering coaching: understanding the power of the ‘GROW’ model as well as the exploration of ‘Values and Beliefs’ - the principle of everything - it did not only help me to start making sense and feeling again passionate but also gaining strengths and security to be the catalyst for others too. Be mindful to be detached was also a powerful step change as then I stopped trying to ‘save’ people but instead aimed to be the right ‘soundboard’ to make powerful changes.

What I recommend to all those that are starting the coaching journey: enjoy it! It does not matter the time it takes you… It does not appear suddenly, but evolves and strengthens with time. Do not get frustrated if you are ‘lost in translation’ - trust in yourself and the process and the ‘a-ha!’ moment will suddenly make its presence. Be courageous: practise, practise and practise as much as you can, because the self-reflection will be a powerful tool to get improvements.

Starting coaching when you think you have a stable and well-known professional career is a challenge, a reinvention - I am very happy to get involved in the process with such a professional team: Thanks to Kris, Merete, Jan, Pam, Sarah, Ann, Dave and all the team! Chapeau for your professionalism, for the ‘soft push’ to make ourselves better coaches, for making us to believe that we were able to make the change, for the advises, feedback, suggestion, for the always opportunistic citations! Excellence is short to describe you all!

My coaching business is starting as a new journey. I hope that many more get inspired to support others on making their dreams come true.


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