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Szilvia Radnoti - Just do it!


“The only thing that is constant is change.”

Being a beautician and aromatherapist and working in the health and wellbeing field for twenty years, I get in contact with people daily who share with me their life stories, struggles, hopes and dreams in the privacy of the treatment rooms.

One day I was thinking - what is it I like most about my job? That people who come in the salon are in a rush, feeling stressed, tired or overwhelmed, perhaps in a bad mood, but they leave with a smile, feeling calm and relaxed. Some clients said they come in not just for the treatments but to talk. To be listened to. They do not necessarily need my advice or opinion, they just feel better after sharing what is happening for them. That made me think!

I do enjoy listening and talking to them and I am now able to offer something more with the coaching. It can help them to find their own answers, solutions, to get more clarity and balance in their life. It is encouraging for them to look at things from a different perspective, to discover deeper meanings and to take steps to bring about the desired change. We all know how our thoughts and feelings can affect our physical health and even appearance, so a holistic approach is important to help people feel great inside and out!  

During my training it was interesting to learn how coaching differs from all other therapies, focusing on the future and positive changes. When we reflect and recognise certain things in our way of thinking and behaving, we can start to make adjustments and changes; and as we change, the world will change for us.  

The live Accelerator days were energising and inspiring with our fabulous teachers and with the other fellow coaches from all different backgrounds and origins. It is always fascinating to see how different and unique we all are. There are no two people on the whole planet who have the same experiences and the same understanding, so here comes a great coaching question to help us clarify things: What does that mean for you?  

For me it meant that we may all be different, but the same interest brought us together. To better understand each other, we had the DISC training day which I enjoyed so much not only because of our highly professional trainer who made it all fun for us to learn, but to see how another model can be used to recognize different characters and behaviours. By applying it, and adjusting our own approach to others, it can make a difference in our communication and understanding. This can very well be used in everyday life with our family members, friends and colleagues as well.  

Now that I am qualified I understand that this is the beginning of a lifelong journey of continuous learning, development and change which also affects the ones around us - in a positive way! I already have used my new skills at work with my clients and I am excited about starting to build up my coaching practice and see where it takes me!  

There is a lot of controversy with NIKE lately, however, their slogan is still perfect: Just do it! 

So, my top tips for:

Those currently in training:

Just keep doing it, don't worry if it's not right yet, it will come together by the end just like the pieces of a puzzle. The practical assessments and the feedback are really valuable to see where to make corrections and improve. 

People who are looking at coaching:

TCA’s Free 2-Day event is perfect for getting a good idea of it and to see how you could use it. What are your existing skills you can pair it with? What is your profession where you could use it as an addition? What would you like to do with it? If it feels right, learn it.  

And be prepared, as it is going to change you!


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