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Maureen Sydney – Believe in yourself


I have been incredibly lucky and have enjoyed three other significant careers. I was a primary school teacher then a classical singer but missed teaching, so I moved back into education albeit in a different sector. My third career culminated in being promoted to Director of Higher Education in a Further Education college.

I am now looking forward to my fourth career as a professional coach.

What inspired you to enrol with The Coaching Academy?

I was inspired to enrol with The Coaching Academy when I was acting as a practice client for another coach. He encouraged me to attend The Coaching Academy’s Free 2-Days event in Leeds saying he thought I would make a good coach and the rest is history. 

What was the most rewarding part of your training/journey?

I have valued and enjoyed each part of my training journey for different reasons. The Coaching Academy provides a total support package. Impressive module booklets and opportunity to consolidate learning on Accelerator Days led by credible and experienced coaches. A great online forum providing practice clients and ample opportunity to network, plus other resources such as the webinars, 1:1 mentoring and other relevant online resources. However, the most rewarding part of my journey has been coaching and having opportunity to receive honest, constructive feedback in practical assessments. 

How did you fit coach training into your busy life?

The Coaching Academy training programme is so flexible and not only allows for busy work lives but also for the inevitable life events that so often get in our way. For example, my Mum became ill just after I enrolled on the Personal Performance Coaching Diploma and subsequently passed away a few months later. So, I had to suspend my studies. However, The Coaching Academy provides great support webinars for getting people back on track.

Where are you now? How are you using your coaching skills?

I have recently achieved my Personal Performance and Corporate and Executive Coaching Diplomas, so I am just at the very start of my new career journey. Alongside qualifying, I have been developing a sustainable business framework. I am continuing to work with other trainee coaches and have three non-coaching clients. As a member of the EMCC, I meet up regularly with other coaches and am in the process of developing a coaching programme for teachers.  

What is your coaching niche and why did you choose it?

Education as this is where my personal skill set, expertise and passion embrace.

What are your top tips for:

People who are looking to become qualified as a professional coach?

For those looking to qualify as a professional coach I would encourage them to attend one of The Coaching Academy’s Free 2 Day Event. This is a brilliant interactive experience that provides prospective coaches with a great overview of the coaching process and opportunity to try out new skills and meet new people. 

Those currently in training with TCA?

I would encourage all those currently in training with TCA to take full advantage of each element of their training. Having taught and worked with students studying for degrees for over fifteen years, it was always the students who threw themselves into their studies that benefitted most from their studies and went on to lead successful lives. As soon as I received the module pack, I created my own personal work plan around my work life. 

Coaches, that are about to qualify?

As I came to the end of my training, I recognised that I had to prepare for life after qualification. I therefore began developing my business framework and followed the guidance in the post PPC module. I investigated costs of insurance and researched the most appropriate coaching association to join. I decided to name my company ‘Artios Coaching’ registered my company with Companies House and purchased the domain name. I also set up a business account and met with an accountant to make sure I was planning to keep appropriate records. I began networking too, joining various local business groups and seeking meetings with people who might help me in the development of my career. This has led to some work with a local authority coaching young people who have been excluded from school due to knife crimes. This is only the beginning of my professional coaching journey and I am so excited as to where it will take me. 

Good luck to everyone else out there. Just believe in yourself and take one step at a time!


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