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Corporate Coaching Programme

This course teaches you all of the fundamental skills and tools required to begin your journey as a professional corporate coach or add coaching skills to enhance the job you currently do.

The CPD Standards Office

42 Hours

The Institute of Leadership and Management

Will this Programme suit you?

A coaching culture has developed in many UK companies, and more and more people understand the benefits Corporate and Executive coaching can bring in both the personal and professional environment.

If you are excited by the thought of developing your skills in this field, if you want to learn from the best Coaches and gain the most substantial coaching qualification available in the UK, the Corporate and Executive Coaching Course is for you.

The majority of UK Coaches with a substantive qualification in coaching have studied with The Coaching Academy.

What is the Corporate & Executive Coaching Course?

This programme works to help you acquire the necessary coaching skills to work with leaders, managers and team members within an organisation.

The Corporate & Executive Coaching Course is comprised of six modules and our professional trainers will be guiding you through the programme. As with all of The Coaching Academy coaching courses, your studies will be supported with monthly webinars, live training, practice opportunities, mentorship, assessment and life-time support.

What you will learn

The Corporate and Executive Coaching Programme helps you build a specific bank of tools and strategies designed for the corporate arena.

You will learn how to deal with situations like:

  • change management
  • team conflict
  • departmental goal setting
  • individual goal setting
  • work-life balance
  • and individual career development, etc

Course Structure

Our syllabus is the most advanced in the UK, designed by professional coaches and endorsed by academic bodies.

It comprises of home study, practical one to one coaching practice and six live training workshops which can be taken in any order.

Please Note - Due to the Coronavirus outbreak all our in-person training is postponed until further notice but our live online training continues as normal.

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Coaching Through Change More Info
Coaching Towards Conflict Resolution More Info
Effective Team Coaching More Info
Practicalities of Corporate and Executive Coaching More Info

How it Works

Our superior model of layered, multi-media learning means that your motivation stays high right the way through your qualification.

Fit the training around your busy life

The course starts as soon as you register

You are given access to the password protected members' area of the website and to its online resource centre.

You can then join our international online community, with over 2000 members at any one time. Chat with other coaches on the same course and learn from the more experienced hands.

You also have access to our Virtual Seminars - telephone conference calls where an informative and entertaining talk is delivered every fortnight right into your handset. We've even recorded 25 hours worth of past Virtual Seminars for you to download to your iPod and play at your leisure.


The syllabus is the most advanced in the UK. We believe it eclipses anything offered elsewhere, and that any coach undertaking this level of training will stand head and shoulders above anyone who has attended a lesser programme. The course has been designed by professional coaches. It is accredited by The Open and Distance Learning Quality Council (ODLQC) and endorsed by The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Watch out for the postman!

Within days of registration our courier will deliver to you a huge package of training materials. Your living room floor will be covered as you sift through the exciting array of resources. But don't worry. You won't be daunted as we have produced a "Quick Start" for you. Just follow the clear instructions in your Welcome Booklet and you will know exactly what to do.

Study in the comfort of your own home

Study in the comfort of your own home

It won't take long and you'll be ready to attend your first live Accelerator Training.

Let us know which day you would like to attend, live online (we advertise our dates at least six months in advance on our website) and we'll take care of the rest. The diploma qualification consists of six live Accelerator training sessions, with one running every month so again you can fit the live training around your life.

How long does it take to qualify?

We don't impose a deadline on you finishing the corporate coaching course, you can fit the training in around your own life and complete the qualification at your own speed. Anything from nine to eighteen months is typical.

Between each live training accelerators there are assignments to be completed based on course materials. Complete those assignments, attend the accelerator, get personalised feedback from our assessors on your practice coaching and with a little bit of help from us you have done all that is needed to complete your qualification.

We pledge we will do everything we can to help you complete your course. Everything!

How to Qualify

There are 4 clear steps to qualifying which are approached in a supportive manner:

  • Work through the modules and supporting resources
  • Attend the live training accelerators
  • Carry out a minimum of 39 coaching sessions. Your coaching will be 'observed' throughout your studies by members of the assessment and verification team where you will receive vital feedback to embed into your coaching skills. You will be required to maintain a learning log of your progress.
  • Complete an 8,000 word thesis

You will get life-time support from us on completing your Corporate Coaching Course, our team is here to guide you throughout your coaching journey.

Enrolment Fees

Try us out first completely free, join our 2 hour webinar and sample the high level of training provided by The Coaching Academy.

Should you wish to apply to enrol on a corporate coaching course, our fees are simple and easy to understand. Each programme has an enrolment fee of £3,997 + vat. This fee applies to:

  • The Personal Performance Diploma - this is the Diploma that teaches how to be a great coach
  • The Small Business Diploma
  • The Corporate & Executive Programme
  • The NLP practitioner programme

Bursary Funding

The Bursary funding offers a contribution towards your enrolment fee if you are self-funding - generally speaking around £1,000 per Diploma/Programme, although it does vary a little. The Coaching Academy Bursary funding programme was launched in 2012 to help those who require some financial assistance without incurring a debt. This programme has enabled many people to unlock a future that would not have been possible otherwise.

Payment Plans

Some people may need to spread their enrolment fee over a period of time. We offer tailored, interest free payment plans to successful applicants however, these cannot be guaranteed until we have spoken directly to you.

Why do we offer it?

The Coaching Academy are very aware that for some people, funding frustration can be a problem. Lack of funds prevent potentially great coaches from developing the skills required to break free and open up new possibilities through the acquisition of coaching skills - Our funding programme unlocks opportunity and releases potential.

How do I find out more/apply?

If you would like more information, if you have questions or if you would like to enrol, complete the expression of interest form below.

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