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AI and Coaching – How Can It Help?

12:00pm on Tuesday 13th of February 2024

Join your host Sharon Lawton for another Coaching Conversation with Mike Garde, ChatGPT Trainer & Transformational Coach, who qualified with TCA 2020. 

With AI becoming more embedded in everything we do, this conversation will support you to be at the forefront of embracing this new technology as a coach.  Mike will share how it can help you to be more creative, procrastinate less and give you more time to focus on your coaching and clients.

In this coaching conversation, you will 

- Understand how to use tools like ChatGPT to inform research for your practice and professional development.

- See how ChatGPT can Embodying Sir John Whitmore to personally mentor you on the GROW model

See How to generate a unique image for your social post or a logo for your coaching practise.

In this session, Mike will share a pdf covering all prompts demonstrated

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