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Trainer in the Spotlight Special - Andrew Jenkins

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We do like shining the spotlight on our trainers at The Coaching Academy and nothing pleases us more than hearing about their success stories. We asked Andrew Jenkins, trainer at The Coaching Academy, successful business owner and author of his new book - You Are More Than You Think, to share a little light on his most recent success.

We do like shining the spotlight on our trainers at The Coaching Academy and nothing pleases us more than hearing about their success stories. Having trained with the Coaching Academy many years ago, Andrew Jenkins went on to become a trainer for The Coaching Academy's NLP and CPD programmes. As well as this, he has developed a widely successful coaching business and has gone on to write his first book "You Are More Than You Think".

We are excited to see his first book, just published on the 17th April! So we asked him to share a little light on his most recent success and on his new book.

Why did you write “You Are More Than You Think”?

I believed that this book would consolidate my expertise and experience I have gained over my 25 year career and particularly the last 10 years. Throughout my career, I have worked with others on difficult subjects, and personal change became my focus. By working with clients, I have come to realise that often people seem to get stuck in their own ruts and want to change themselves and their situations, but don’t know how. This book aims to help with that challenge.

How long did 'You Are More Than You Think' take to write and what did you learn from writing it?

It is amazing to me now, looking back, that it took around 12 months for 'You Are More Than You Think' to be written, published and to became a physical reality. That was pretty amazing to me.

Although the process was enjoyable, the book meant I also had to face my own ‘demons’ too. Amusingly it so happens that this is an underlying theme of my book.

Who is the book for?

The purpose behind 'You Are More Than You Think' is to be a sort of practical do-it- yourself manual that is easy to learn from and follow. I describe a journey that compares two realities we can create for ourselves. Understanding these two realities can help people to play to their strengths, and to lead fulfilled lives. In that way, this book is intended to help you to return you to your true authentic self by being inspired, following a process and going on a journey of personal discovery.

So, if you are seeking an understanding of yourself and of how to overcome your limiting beliefs and the negative forces of conditioning, then this book is for you. Importantly, though, this book is for all ordinary people everywhere and anywhere, just like me and you, who want the tools to help them to change, to overcome their conditioning and to return to who they are meant to be, and simply be the best they can be.

Some reviews are in already and here is what Bev James, CEO of The Coaching Academy thinks – “A one stop shop for personal development. If you want to have more, become more and live a more authentic and fulfilling life, this is the book for you.”

You Are More Than You Think is available now.

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