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Trainer In The Spotlight - Merete Langler

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Merete will hopefully be a familiar face and voice to a lot of you. She's done an incredible amount for us here at The Coaching Academy and has worn many hats during her years with us. As a qualified Coach and NLP Practitioner with her own business she works with small business owners and young people who are making major life choices. Find out more about Merete here.

What were you most proud of last year?

Combining the two strands of my business successfully. Making a significant difference in a large number of young folk’s lives. Helping them with challenges ranging from extreme anxiety over exams to deciding whether their current career is for them. At the same time, working with the S end of SMEs to grow and develop their businesses while still having time for their families and friends.

What’s been your main objective in 2013?

To keep getting the coaching word out there and encourage people to take that plunge and, to quote Bev ‘Do It or Ditch It!’

If you want to attract more clients, I recommend….

Listen to the people you meet and give them your full attention. Answer the questions they actually ask and make sure you do the best job you can with each client you work with. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool you can have. It’s how I get all my work.

My best advice for marketing your coaching business is…

Put yourself ‘out there’. It’s no use being the best kept secret in your area. Join networking groups, go to events you're invited to and show them who you are. If a person doesn’t want to work with you, that’s fine. It would be beyond hard work and not everyone is for everyone.

You may be surprised to know that…

Age isn’t important. I know a number of people who worry they are too old or too young to coach or be coached. It’s all about personalities and the ability to communicate effectively. Be yourself – it’s the most attractive you’ll be in my experience.

My favourite self-development book is...

That’s a hard one. At the moment I'm a bit of a Malcolm Gladwell junkie. ‘Blink’ is probably my favourite of his. For coaching young people then it would be ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers’ by Sean Covey. He rewrote his father’s book with teens in mind and it has pictures. I've actually read this version right through and recommended it to many others of all ages.

The most inspiring speaker I have ever heard is...

Humphrey Walters. Amongst many things he worked with Sir Clive Woodward to get the England rugby squad on track. To push himself out of his comfort zone he completed ‘The Toughest Yacht Race in the World’. There are many phrases and ideas from his talk he gave that I use regularly. I also had the honour of speaking with him after his presentation.

If I was alone on a desert island, I would need to have (three luxuries that don’t include family members, pets or friends)...

For luxuries I would need/want an ipod with a range of music on it; some nice smelling lotion or cream (maybe with sun protection in it); comfy shoes for those treks into the forest.

My favourite place in the world is…

Anywhere that includes my family. In terms of actual place, the British coastline.

The most unusual thing I have ever done is…

Become the first female Venture Scout in the area where I lived (I was 16). Unusual as I don’t tend to be a trail blazer!

My definition of success is...

Waking up every morning and thinking ‘Hurray! I'm looking forward to what the day holds’.

The thing I most love about coaching is...

Seeing the positive and long lasting impact it has on individuals and teams.

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