We're talking to The Coaching Academy's coaches about their uniquely inspiring niches! Today we talked to Carolyne Crowe, to discuss her coaching niche in the veterinary profession.

We love to celebrate the success of our coaches here at The Coaching Academy, many of whom are doing great work within particular niches. Today we interviwed Carolyne Crowe, to discuss her coaching niche in veterinary.

What is your niche?

I work with veterinary professionals helping them overcome the personal and professional challenges that they face on a daily basis.

What made you decide on your niche?

I’ve been a practising vet for the past 11 years and am also married to a vet. I’m very aware of the challenges faced by the profession and want to have a positive impact on those working within it.

Why are you passionate about your niche?

I love being a vet and want to help other vets and nurses get the most out of their lives and their careers. It’s really important to other vets that I’m a vet too, I think it can be difficult to understand the pressure of working in a vet practice if you haven’t done it yourself. This is my way of having an impact on my profession and making a difference to other peoples lives.

What sorts of challenges do you help people solve?


The profession has a high number of high achieving perfectionists who put a lot of pressure on themselves to do the best job possible, added to this are high demands by clients, long anti-social work hours, often difficult working conditions, means there are a variety of challenges faced by vets and those working within the veterinary profession. Commonly I’m coaching on work life balance, personal and professional vision, time management, stress management, low confidence, low self esteem, identifying and making those small changes to make their life and career work for them.


With a profession that is becoming female dominated, different challenges are arising-how to maintain a career in a demanding job whilst also having a family, as well as how to overcome the practical challenges of working in a vet practice whilst pregnant, I have created webinars and workshops to help inform and empower them.


The team environment is vital to a harmonious and productive work place and I’m passionate about helping others have a better understanding of themselves, their impact on others and how to engage and get the best out of the other members of the team. I became an accredited trainer of DISC behavioural profiling and I use this powerful tool to do just that..build harmonious, productive and profitable teams in practice.


What benefits do you see your clients get from coaching?


Lots! Clarity and direction are 2 big ones, along with confidence and belief in themselves that they have the power to make the changes to get the most out of their life and career. 


Where do you find your clients?

In private practices, in corporate practices, in the universities, at conferences, through word of mouth and a lot of networking. I'm also on The Coaching Academy's Coaching Directory

How do you market yourself?

I network with key opinion leaders within the profession, and use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. I use direct mailing to my email contact list, lecturing at industry conferences, lecturing at universities, word of mouth, writing articles for various professional magazines, being seen and involved at various industry events. I also market myself through people and practices I know.

What other services do you offer, if any, such as workshops or conferences?

I do workshops on leadership, stress management and return to work for individuals as well as entire practices. I also do webinars which are downloadable on my website, as well as specific ones for veterinary groups. I also do some conference and university lecturing.

What other questions would you like me to ask you?

How much do I love my job-a lot!!

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