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Make Your Goals Exciting!

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There is no fun in thinking small; that doesn't get the juices flowing and that certainly won't get you moving forward at an accelerated rate. The best goals are those that really fire you up so ask yourself - are my goals exciting enough?

"Let's live our lives as though all our dreams had come true and then challenge reality to catch up!" - Dan Lee Dimke

The best goals are those that fire you up, make you feel excitied and inspire you to take action.

Make your goals exciting! 

If your goal doesn't move you emotionally you will never take action to achieve it. Yiu must use 2 forces, away and towards motivation:

1. Decide on what you don't want - this creates the "away" motivation. For example, "I don't want to be struggling for money at the end of the month" or "I don't want to work in an large corporate environment anymore".

2. Decide what you do want to experience - this creates your "towards" motivation. For example, "I want to have cash in the bank at the end of the month and not be in the red", "I want to go on holiday" or "I want a new job in a smaller, more creative organisation". 

Away motivation is the catalyst for action and towards motivation creates the continuation of action! Both spark the excitement that you need to keep on track with your goals! 

Tips for reaching your goals

Be truthful 

Somewhere inside you, you must really believe you can achieve this goal. You must feel that belief working for you emotionally. 

Effective action

Action is the key to all success. Knowing what to do and not doing it is pretty much the same as not knowing what to do. 

Make it recordable 

Follow this simple 4 step system:

1. Set the goal

2. Create the plan to achieve it

3. Take action in line with your plan

4. regularly measure results and get feedback

It's simple, if the results and feedback confirms you are on the right track then keep taking the same actions - you're on the right track!






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