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Bev James: Do Coaches Need Coaches?

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When our delegates train to become qualified and skilled coaches, they develop a deep understanding of the different coaching techniques and skills to make a difference to the lives of their clients. But Can a Qualified Coach Be Their Own Coach?

Hi, Bev James here. As Managing Director of The Coaching Academy, I have spent years mentoring and coaching my clients.

Working with a qualified coach can help to transform many areas of your life. It can allow you to accelerate your personal or professional development, to reach your full potential, and to empower you to progress towards the next stage of your life or business.

When our delegates train to become qualified and skilled coaches, they develop a deep understanding of the different coaching techniques and skills to make a difference to the lives of their clients. In fact, when you've trained, many coaches, including myself, can find themselves naturally and automatically coaching themselves. 

But Can a Qualified Coach Be Their Own Coach?

There comes a time when a coach can come across obstacles, self limiting beliefs for example, which you might find useful to externalise to a third party.

Essentially, there are many benefits to hiring a coach...

Getting out of your own mind

Have you ever lost yourself in your own thoughts?

This can be evidence of just how our own mind chatter can be confusing, chaotic and often unhelpful. The magic is in the relationship between the coach and their client, which is very difficult to replicate on your own. A coach will ask you the most challenging questions that you yourself may not have realised to be important.

During a coaching session, the client has much needed time and mind space to fully explore and navigate their thoughts, ambitions and feelings. Thoughts and feelings, by their very nature, can be confusing, disorganised and chaotic when in our minds. This isn’t helpful if we want to take real action, and turn those ideas into reality.

Asking challenging, powerful questions

Equally, the coaching session is an opportunity to dig even deeper into what you are thinking and feeling, or perhaps why you haven’t been able to achieve your goals in the past. It’s an opportunity to uncover limiting beliefs and unknown core values that you have, which are subconsciously informing your life choices. A coach can spot subtle hints of these in what you say, and what you don’t say, and open them up for discussion- helping you to have greater self-awareness.

Holding accountability and maintaining momentum

Have you ever made the best laid plans, had real conviction and motivation to go through with them, but something stops you from turning those goals into reality?

Understanding how to overcome life’s many and varied challenges can be complex. The aim of coaching is to achieve results that can be seen, experienced, measured and quantified. Clearly, we get the most out of coaching over a course of many coaching sessions, because a coach can provide accountability and structure to your progress.

Many business owners, for example, make use of having a coach because they do not have a boss themselves. Sometimes, having that accountabiliy can help to move forward.

A coach can help you to keep on track, and have the time and space to reflect on the reasons why you haven’t been able to realise your plans.

Having credibility as a coach yourself

Aside from the many personal benefits of hiring your own coach, it can also help you in your coaching business. By hiring their own coach, a qualified coach is likely to be more authentic in the eyes of the prospective clients- it’s about walking the talk.

Your clients are likely to question why would you recommend or offer this service if you won’t make use of it yourself?

What do you think? Are you a coach that has your own coach? Let us know my leaving a comment in the box below.

Do you think that hiring your own coach right now may be helpful? Take a look at our Coaching Directory to find the right coach for you.

Wishing you all the best,

Bev James



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