Welcome back to Ask Bev - but today is slightly different. I have a question to ask you: What kind of coach are you?

Welcome back to Ask Bev- today is slightly different. I have a question to ask you:

What kind of coach are you?

Are you a regular coach who exchanges time for money? Or are you an entrepreneurial coach- a Coachpreneur? And what really is the difference?

A regular coach who simply exchanges time for money, doesn’t get paid when they're not coaching. You may choose to set up your business this way, which can be a very rewarding coaching career.

But an entrepreneurial coach would go about their business very differently.

If Richard Branson would have chosen to go into coaching instead of airlines or music, for example, what kind of coaching business would he have set up? Brainstorm what he would do: would he have products, affiliate coaches or release books, been interviewed for magazines and become a TV celebrity as a coach? He probably would.

What about you? If you want to become a Coachpreneur, you need to decide: what would that look like for you? Ask yourself: how much time do you want to spend coaching one-to-one, do you want to speak at events for example, and what do you need to do in order to get there- and importantly, how will you ensure that you will be sought after in your niche? You may also choose to write books and blogs, and to use social media to your advantage.

Being an entrepreneurial coach is about raising your profile, so that you can be seen, so that you can be sought after- and so that you can be successful.

There are two types of coaches; there is no right or wrong. What kind of coach do you want to be?



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