Have you found yourself subconsciously repeating a particular phrase about why you can't do something? Why you aren't good enough for a promotion, a new job or change of career?

It’s an easy trap to fall into; your thoughts are limiting you and sabotaging your success. They are limiting what you want to do and who you want to be.  It’s more than just a self-fulfilling prophecy, your brain has actually formed negativity pathways associated with your thinking. But you can take control and do something to change this and stop them disempowering you.

A limiting belief can make you believe that a particular goal in your life is unachievable. Not because it’s impossible to achieve, but because you have never taken steps towards the goal before.  By allowing negative thinking to creep in and influence your behaviour, your limiting beliefs keep you from progressing and living your life the way you would like it to be.

Our limiting beliefs often come from other people, such as parents, teachers, friends, family but can also come from the media and religion. They are often rooted in childhood or adolescence when we are most affected by those around us. Some limiting beliefs can be created during previous emotional events, however many of our negative thought patterns are simply taken on unwittingly.

If you really want to work on overcoming your negative mind chatter and banishing those limiting beliefs, then it’s really important that you identify them first. Though most limiting beliefs are stuck deep in our subconscious mind, we can easily uncover them by just being more aware of our thoughts.

Have you heard yourself use these phrases / language?
* “I’m not good enough…”
* “I don’t deserve to…”
* “I can’t do it…”
* “I never get to…”

Often these phrases are not followed by a fact, which means they are just examples of negative thoughts that can be changed and worked on. Thinking differently can give you a new and different result, a result that’s much more positive than your current situation. Everyone, without exception, can develop a positive mental attitude. In order to rewire your brain from negative thinking and overcome limiting beliefs, you need to replace your negative self-talk with new positive affirmations. Neuroscience has shown that for this to be successful, you need to continuously repeat your positive self-talk for 25 - 30 days. Yes, this does take some degree of determination and commitment to retrain your thoughts, but the results are profound and life changing.

To learn more about how to overcome limiting beliefs and techniques to achieve this, you can follow Pam Lidford’s online learning module on the Personal Success Academy.  For only £9.97 a month you will gain access to this and 20 other self-development modules.   Start Today!


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