This week's Coach in the Spotlight is Amy Fry, a Life & Business Coach for individuals who run lifestyle businesses. After almost two decades in the food industry, Amy decided that it was time for a change and found her purpose as a coach helping small business owners. Enjoy her inspiring story!

What brought you to coaching?

Having reached a mid-point in my career, I really lacked purpose and fulfilment.  I questioned my true contribution to others and the world around me. Having been a commercial manager in the food industry for 18 years, negotiating prices for butter and cream was no longer giving me the ‘buzz’ it did when I was starting in my career.

Knowing what my strengths are; building relationships, understanding other’s needs and overpowering desire to encourage a ‘can do’ attitude in the people I meet, I decided, with a little encouragement from my own Coach, to attend the Introduction to Life Coaching course.

It was a pivotal moment in my career and my personal life and from the minute I decided to commit to the qualification, I haven’t looked back. The level of self-awareness I have gained, as well as the learning journey, have meant that I’ve been able to positively manage my transition into another career with confidence and determination.  

How did the qualification slot in with your busy life?

I completed the diploma in just over a year whilst maintaining a full-time job and although at times this did present its challenges, I took huge confidence in my level of commitment and was really pleased with how I organised and managed my time. It taught me that if I truly want to achieve something then managing my mindset and priorities is key.

The Accelerator days were the most insightful part of the qualification. The pure immersion in the interactive training and being surrounded by so many fellow aspiring coaches ensured I built an amazing network of support as well as being completely inspired by the brilliance of the Professional Coaches on the day.  

What was the most rewarding part of your Coaching journey?

As well as the high level of self-development I have already mentioned, the other most rewarding part of the journey was the evolution of my practical coaching sessions that I conducted with my practice clients. 

As I learnt more about the process and refined my learnings, I really started to see the benefit I was making to my client’s lives and that realisation was so encouraging and exciting.  I was very proud to be able to make a difference by applying the skills and toolset I had gained from the qualification, the support network and my new acquaintances. 

 How did you choose your coaching niche?

My original intention when reconsidering my career was to support small food businesses that wanted to grow their market share by entering retail markets. Whilst completing the qualification, I worked with a number of practice clients who are small business owners and I quickly realised this was what I really enjoyed and felt at my most ‘natural’ when Coaching. 

I am now part-way through my Small Busines Coaching Diploma with the TCA and I will continue to target my Food Industry network to support and encourage Small Businesses. 

Tell us about the work you do! How are you using your coaching skills?

I work with small businesses and business owners who need support with navigating change, managing ideas for business growth or overcoming challenges that may be holding them or their businesses back from making positive steps forward. 

I am a Life & Business Coach to those who run lifestyle businesses and want to be the best business owners they can be, whilst managing their families, homes and relationships.

  • ​I help raise awareness using powerful questioning techniques to provide clarity on what my clients are trying to achieve.
  • I support be facilitating the client to break down their ambitions and convert them into practical, step by step action plans to reach their goals.
  • I encourage breakthrough with challenges,  obstacles and beliefs that are limiting progress.
  • I provide tools, techniques, and strategies to create lasting change and business success.

What would you say to someone thinking of enrolling with The Coaching Academy?

If you’re looking to learn a new skill that is not only life-enhancing for you personally but can be a powerful gift to those who need empowering and encouraging to be the best they can be, then this TCA qualification is for you.

The course is structured to offer complete flexibility with online learning delivered by the best and inspiring coaches in the field. 

What are your top tips for those currently in training with TCA?

Complete your learning record sheets as you go along, don’t leave to the last minute. They are a powerful mode of reflection and really do aid your learning.

Make the most of your mentoring sessions, ask as many questions as you feel necessary, no question is a silly question.

2021: A time for reflection but also a time for projection

Would you like to make a positive and lasting difference to others, just like Amy does? Would you like to have a coaching business you can run from the comfort of your own home?

The free 2021 Introduction to Life Coaching webinars are available for you to join. They are interactive, informative and designed to help you understand if training to be a life coach is for you. 

Take positive action, project forward and plan for a year to remember for all the right reasons. Choose from available dates here.



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