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7 steps to Gaining Confidence and Self-Belief

Posted 1932 Days Ago in: Coaching Articles


Milly Pocock is a confidence coach who walks her talk. Through her own experiences and coaching knowledge Milly shares with us her 7 steps to gain more confidence and self-belief.

Milly Pocock is a confidence coach who walks her talk. Through her own experiences and coaching knowledge Milly shares with us her 7 steps to gain more confidence and self-belief

I used to dream of going into a shop and asking for an ocean of confidence and a bucket full of self-belief! Confidence and self-belief are two of the hardest things to find once you’ve lost them. You can’t touch them, see them, hear them, taste them or even smell them so how are you supposed to find them?

Many parents that I work with ask me, “How to do I get them back?” and “Why did they go?” Without confidence and self belief, one feels trapped, lonely and limited and it can prevent you from trying new and exciting things like meeting people, leaving the house, finding that dream job or even starting up your own business.

I know from experience how hard a lack of confidence can make everyday life – especially when other people are relying on you. I didn’t want to be prevented from meeting new people and starting up my own business, so I rebuilt my confidence, step by step, and now I’m going to share with you some powerful tools to help you get that special sparkle back.

1. Be True

Be true to yourself and try not to listen to what others want you to be.

2. Living in the past, present or future

Check to see if your actions and goals collaborate with your current situation, or are they out of date?

3. Circle of Trust

Surround yourself with people that support, love and care for you.

4. What are your strengths?

Focus on what you are good at and enjoy doing – this is your unique talent.

5. Acceptance

If you can’t change the situation right now, what one simple thing could you do to make it easier.

6. Super-Me

Create a powerful resourceful image of yourself and step into that person when you need to.

7. Inner Voice

Turn the volume down or put it on mute. The more you listen to it, the more you feed it and oh boy… it could really do with being on a diet! Challenge it – is what it says really accurate? Where is the evidence to back it up?

Regaining your confidence won’t be easy or quick, but follow these seven steps and you’ll be making a start. You could seek the advice and guidance of a Life Coach, who can help support you in reaching your maximum potential. It took me a few years of conscious development and a great deal of honesty, but it was worthwhile and I wouldn’t change a minute of my amazing journey.



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