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Moving forward from being stuck to getting what you want in life.


Posted: 310 days ago

We all face challenges every day in different forms so we asked CPD Coach of 2019, Natalie Potts, to share her go-to tips when it comes to taking action towards accomplishing your goals and achieving your dreams.

Having the right mindset is absolutely key and we all have the potential to change the way we see things.

We see opportunities or we see obstacles. When we take the time to break down the steps we can attain clarity in our perspective and take action.

The great part is that this is achievable for all of us, we just may need some help to slow things down, evaluate our reality to start creating a new one with the right habits. Starting anything requires courage in knowing you can; letting go of self-doubt and finding the confidence in seeing yourself taking action. 

Here are a few steps to help you in starting to have exactly what you desire in life;

1. Your morning & evening routine

Having a routine grounds you and will keep you moving forward especially in uncertain times. The next part is keeping the momentum. Grab yourself a journal/ notebook and commit to some key actions.

Most people focus on a morning routine and this works but imagine how strong your morning routine could become and how energised you will feel by having your evening routine mapped out.

Here are some ideas.

 In the morning;

  • Make your bed - the feeling that you have accomplished something so early in the day is grounding and no matter what happens in your day, you come back to a well-made bed.
  • Gratitude - say three things you are grateful for every morning.
    Channel into positive thoughts because the more we practise gratitude, the stronger the neural pathways become, heightening your self-awareness and reducing any stress.
  • Go for a walk - starting your day with exercise will give you a chance to practise mindfulness and be present whilst planning the day ahead
  • Brain dump - grab a piece of paper and sit for 5 minutes and dump every thought on this page.
    The power of writing things down and reading it back has a different psychological effect reducing stress, anxiety and helping us see things clearly whilst so often leaving us feeling a sense of release.
  • Think WIN/WIN - write down the wins for the day.
    If you find this hard at first, think small and build.

In the evening;

  • Transition and release the day with a walk, meditation, exercise or listening to a podcast.
    Create anchors that mean the busy day is over and it is time to relax.
  • Switch of all tech devices 1 hour before bed.
    Being active on social media can increase anxiety levels so read a good book and will find it easier to switch off.
  • Your environment matters so create this.
    Candles, music, low lights and a temperature of under 68 degrees can provide a calming state and great nights sleep.
  • Reflect and be grateful for the day.
    What were your wins? What did you learn? How can you make tomorrow a better day?

2. Take a moment to pause

Life is moving at such a fast pace every single day and it is important to take control and notice what you notice about your thoughts.

Each day give yourself space and time to focus and be self-aware of your current state. If the day is not going well, take a moment; stop what you are doing; go for a walk; become conscious of your breathing; use a technique like box breathing; in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and out for 4 seconds.

Knowing yourself and when you need to make a change is key. Little practices can have a huge impact on your current state so empower yourself to take control.

3. Get yourself a coach/ mentor

This is a game-changer.

How can you expect anyone to invest in you when you do not invest in yourself? We know we have the answers within and a coach will help you get clearer on your ideas and breakdown the steps for success.

Find people who inspire you, who have been where you are, who challenge you to take action and close that gap from a to b.

4. Surround yourself with great people

Have you noticed how you feel when you leave people who are simply buzzing with a zest for life? Have you also noticed the opposite when you are around negative people? Not everyone will be aligned to you and that is ok.

Don’t judge others but instead, stand tall and just say this is not for me right now. Relationships should be based on similar values and an understanding of others.

One of the reasons DISC is so powerful is because you gain the confidence to say this is me and these are my strengths and also know how to see the greatness in others for theirs.

Engage in collaborating with like-minded individuals. Your network is your net worth.

5. Be patient & be proactive in learning by engaging in and enhancing your skills and abilities

Accept no one is perfect. We all have the potential to be great but seek progress over perfection.

It is ok to make mistakes, to be uncertain, to be overwhelmed. It is shaping us in who we are becoming. Use this as the obstacle and your gift. Trust the process in everything you do whether this is a fitness shift/ career transition or coaching qualification.

Life is to be lived, so make sure you embrace the failures, overcome the roadblocks and move adversity into opportunity. The opportunity to enjoy the chance to learn, grow, become more confident, resilient and become the best version of yourself.

You can read more about Natalie Potts and her coaching work in our insightful interview, find it here.

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