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Mindset is key with Natalie Potts

The Coaching Academy Blog

Posted: June 2020

We caught up with the energetic Natalie Potts, winner of the CPD Coach of the Year Award at the 2019 International Coaching Awards to get a glimpse into the life of an award-winning coach. We hope you enjoy this inspiring interview!

If you ever got the chance to chat with Natalie or you’ve seen her work online, you’ll know that she’s a ball of energy consistently working towards her goals. We invited her for a Zoom interview hoping she’ll share her secrets to continued self- and professional development and she didn’t disappoint!

Natalie Potts is a CPD accredited coach, who is qualified with our Life Coaching Course and our Corporate and Executive Programme. Her niche is in Personal Development & Business Coaching, intertwining this with emotional intelligence and helping clients in attaining clarity of their purpose in life – including their values, vision and mission. 

Natalie is not only CPD accredited, helping others with their continued professional development, but she believes in life-long learning and continuously invests in her own development as well.
She’s disciplined about her fitness so she has the energy to do the work she loves, she works with a coach to reach her goals and she attended numerous CPD training days with TCA outside of her diploma studies. She’s a corporate leader and a coach on a mission to teach others about the power of a focused mindset! 

“Coaching has been a complete life-changer in my life. I kind of got exposed to it back in 2015 when I joined The [Coaching} Academy. And I think it just it very much suited me feeling ‘I am being the person I wanna be in life’ and sharing that with others.And the power in what coaching offers; I love it, it just absolutely gets me buzzing, I have energy and when you can then help others in terms of their goals, their dreams, their aspirations, everything - I take massive fulfilment in that. “

When talking about her self-development journey, Natalie shares that she enjoys every minute of it and reflected on why it's important to embark on this journey.

“I think it's really important. I think because I think it's the hard bits sometimes. It’s that bit about us that we don't want to tap into, exploring who we are as people, exploring who we are as entrepreneurs, as coaches, in all relationships as well actually. 

And I find that by working on myself so much, you know not from a selfish perspective, but I learned so much and I grow so much and I see that that impacts the relationships that I have, the work that I do and it has a profound effect on everything in life and overall me feeling that I have happiness in my life. And that means success to me. 

So I think that it’s often hard for us to tap into these things, what am I great at, what are my strengths. And that’s what I love about DISC – it’s getting people to focus on that. 

(…) So again, it’s that journey part of where it takes me looking at my own development. And when you start to do that yourself, I think you actually start to inspire others.” 

We talked more about Natalie’s coaching journey and what she believes are the first steps towards achieving your goals in the first part of this interview – watch it below! 

“Mindset for me is everything. I think you’ve just got to tap into the way you see things, and having a  focus and the right mindset. And people can help you on that, absolutely. 

There’s definitely areas of my life where my mindset and my fitness if often 100%, I’m very driven in that and I have motivation to get me going and inner- discipline to keep me on going with that.

I think my mindset around that is as I said good routines, I have structure, the discipline, I go back to my why and why I do things. 

I think our thoughts have a major impact on everything and that's a lot of the mindset part, is tapping into those thoughts, exploring them, not feeling nervous to go down and challenge the thoughts that we have. Let some go as well. 

I think a mindset piece for me is the environment you’re in, the people around you, your network is key. And that’s again, what I love about the coaching academy is that I started to network with people that were like-minded, that probably a lot of people in my personal world weren’t in that place so that opened up those avenues as well. 

So yeah, mindset is absolutely key.” 

We talked about mindset, including Natalie’s fantastic new podcast, the Progressive Mindset and other exciting projects she’s working on to grow her business and further her mission. Watch the final part of the interview to find out more! 

Natalie’s story is a reminder of how much difference mindset can make in achieving success. Having clarity on your goals means that you can work on your mindset as well as your skillset to accomplish your dreams. And if you don’t have a coach – get one! It will make a world of difference. 

 If you are a student or qualified coach, let us know – how much do you work on your own mindset? Do you feel that it makes a difference in achieving success?

And if you would like to find out more about coaching and how it can change your life, just like it changed Natalie’s and many other’s journeys in life, start by joining us for a free live training on Introduction to Life Coaching.
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