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Curiosity and Coaching

12:00pm on Tuesday 13th of August 2024

Join your host Sharon Lawton for another Coaching Conversation with Rachael Bushby, coach trainer on the Coaching in Education programme, Mental Health CPD and Wellbeing Coaching Niche.

Curiosity – the desire to know – is essential to coaching. For the client, curiosity is a gateway to knowledge that enables insight into thoughts, feelings and actions that impact the client’s goals. 

When harnessed effectively, curiosity is arguably the foundation of the coaching philosophy.

The question of how useful curiosity is for the coach opens up more debate and brings in questions such as ‘who wants to know?’ and ‘how does it benefit the client for the coach to know?’. As we know, curiosity was also responsible for killing the cat; so how, as coaches do we direct a client towards healthy and wise curiosity rather than rumination and distraction? 

In this coaching conversation, you will learn tools and take away tips to:

- Identify how natural curiosity can be encouraged by coaches through key questions. 

- Harness the power of intra-personal curiosity in the client through self-reflective tools.

- Gently challenge clients on ‘return on investment’ in relation to their curiosity  

In this session, Rachael Bushby will share relevant insights gained from studying for a PhD in the topic of curiosity at the University of Birmingham and applying this knowledge to coaching. 

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