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Coaching From Fear to Purpose

12:00pm on Tuesday 8th of October 2024

Join your host, Sharon Lawton, for another coaching conversation with TCA-certified behaviour change coach Johnny Lawrence, the self-development coach

During this session, Johnny will discuss how he coaches clients through the experience of anger so they can get to the root cause, process, and begin to act. He will explain his four stages of behavioural change. How this process can help your clients, and finally, Johnny will talk through a major part of his upcoming book, his M.A.D.E. principles process and its vital part in behavioural change. 

In this session, Johnny will also share how his experience of mountain climbing and treking has informed his methods for encouraging change. 

In this coaching conversation, you will learn tools to:

- Coaching a client through the anger experience.

- The four stages of behavioural change

- The M.A.D.E. Principles / His Book on change

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