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Why Does Men's Health Matter as A Coach?

12:00pm on Tuesday 28th of November 2023

During “November,” we are dedicating this month's Coaching Conversation to the importance of Men’s health.  Our head of training, Sharon Lawton, will be joined by Matt Barnes-Smith and Darren Lawrence as they talk all things men’s health and coaching.
In this coaching conversation with Matt, Darren, and Sharon, we will discuss how we can support the development of emotional awareness and challenge stereotypes and stigmas that impact a man’s mental health.  We also explore how masculinity, health, and well-being might differ for every man.

The benefit of attending the session is that you will take it away. 

  1. How to equip yourself to understand your clients’ identity better.
  2. How to build a relationship with your client to support their well-being. 
  3. Coaching methods that can highlight and support challenges your client might be facing. 

 Tuesday 28th November at noon. 

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