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How Do I Find My Brand As A Coach?

12:00pm on Tuesday 10th of October 2023

Join your host Sharon Lawton for another Coaching Conversation with Coach and Branding Specialist Aarti Parmar

In this coaching conversation with Aarti and Sharon, we will be discussing:

Why you need a brand and the importance of the role it plays in elevating your coaching business and making a lasting impact on your audiences.

The benefit of attending the session is that you will take away; 

1 Actionable Steps to Build Your Brand - By the end of the conversation, you will have a roadmap on how to develop your coaching brand and take practical steps to establish a compelling online presence, including tips on social media, website creation, and content marketing.

2 Building a Consistent Personal Brand - Learn how to create a consistent and recognisable personal brand that aligns with your coaching style. 

3) Overcoming Branding Challenges and Obstacles - Explore common challenges and obstacles that coaches face when establishing their brands and learn practical strategies to overcome them. Whether it's overcoming fear of visibility or uncertainty about your branding message, Aarti will provide valuable insights to help you move forward confidently.

 Tuesday 10th October at 12 noon. 

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