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How coaching changed my life and became my purpose

The Coaching Academy Blog

Posted: March 2023

I believe that women are magical beings: they create life, nurture and bring harmony to our society, and they represent the beauty of life.  So since qualifying as a coach with The Coaching Academy, I work as a Women's Empowerment Coach dedicated to ensuring I helped women explore and express their value and power.  

Coaching allows me to guide women toward finding confidence, self-respect, and self-love so that they can attract and create the relationships they want and desire.  I use my coaching skills to help women become self-aware, deeply understand their deep emotional needs, and explore the concept of not settling for anything less than the best.

I’ve always felt my purpose is in this area. And life has a funny way of pushing you toward your destiny.

Two years ago, I had to leave a very toxic relationship after years of abuse. I always believed in love and wanted a relationship that could make me feel loved, seen, accepted, free, and safe. Unfortunately, that relationship wasn’t it, but for many reasons, I didn’t leave at the first red flag. When the relationship finally ended, I still very much believed in love but was also afraid of it.

So I realised the importance of learning from that relationship and protecting myself with appropriate boundaries and unlocking self-acceptance and freedom while searching for the love I always wanted and deserved.

This process led me to start enjoying my own company and trust myself more, I was less afraid of speaking up for myself.  Setting healthy boundaries also led to people respecting me more. I started feeling like I deserved more and I wasn’t going to settle for anything less (at work, in any relationship, personally and professionally, and in life generally).

My story became, in the words of Simon Sinek, my “why” and focused my coaching business on supporting and coaching other women to feel the same.

Working on our confidence will have a HUGE impact in every area of our life.  When we keep our worth hidden from ourselves and others, we can feel lonely, insecure, exploited, ignored, and unhappy.

We stay in situations that cause us to feel sad and frustrated. We settle for things that can lead us to feel depleted or misaligned.  When we believe in our worth, we are able to set healthy boundaries and achieve our full potential, living our best life.  This means being able to say NO to a manager, team leader or colleague that maybe exploits your kindness and availability. It means prioritising your happiness and satisfaction before anything else. It means having more time to build the life of your dreams and having the courage to go for what you desire.

My 3 top tips as a Women's Empowerment Coach are:

  1. Ask for and welcome feedback as an opportunity to grow and become the best version of yourself from someone whose opinions you trust and also wants the best for you.
  2. Start celebrating your achievements at work and in life, no matter how small. Consider keeping an achievements journal. Decide how you will reward yourself before you achieve a goal and praise yourself when you get there. This will help you feel more capable and worthy.
  3. Self-awareness is the first step to change.  Confidence is about taking action and being proactive. So here is one way to can do this.  Notice patterns in your behaviour, what drains you, and what nourishes you.  Then ask yourself how you can bring more nourishment into your day.

Then if you want to take it further and get to know yourself even more and develop your confidence while embarking on a journey to help others, I’d definitely recommend training to become a coach.

It will inevitably show you new parts of yourself, it will take you on a journey of incredible growth and empowerment.   For me, training to be a coach is a journey, much like coaching itself, where it’s not necessarily the outcome but who you become in the journey.

If you are someone like me who struggled or is struggling with confidence, I would say, “do it”, work with a coach, or train to become a coach.   Coaching has been life-changing for me.  I believe that people who know the obstacles on the path can really support others who walk that same or similar route.  This has become the driving force in my coaching business and as a Women’s Empowerment Coach.  Today even more than ever we need women to empower each other to live in authenticity and show others how to find freedom inside themselves.


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