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How to get off 'Someday Isle'

The Coaching Academy Blog

Posted: January 2023

Another year has arrived and January is already over! Did you review the past year with enthusiasm and feel proud of everything you achieved? Or did you feel frustrated that you'd spent your time on ‘Someday Isle’? 

In his book No Excuses, Brian Tracy refers to 'Someday Isle'. It isn't a place – it's a mindset. Someday Isle is when we fall into the habit of dreaming about our desires without taking any steps or actions to achieve them. This negative pattern can leave us stranded with thoughts such as:

  • ‘Someday, I’ll start my own business.’
  • ‘Someday, I’ll study for that qualification.’
  • 'Someday, I'll get fit and healthy.'

Do any of these statements sound familiar to you? What’s your Someday Isle? Each of us has different versions of Someday Isles, with the result always being the same – waiting for something else to happen before plucking up the courage to jump into our boat and get off the island.

We can often rationalise our inaction with excuses like, 'I don't have the time’ or ‘It might be easier to do next year’, only for our dreams to slip further away. Eventually, we stop thinking about them altogether or convince ourselves that Someday Isle is an okay place to live as it is safe and familiar. Often our fears stop us from taking the next step that our heart truly desires. We allow our fears to override what we truly want or are capable of achieving. As a result, we can end up drifting, fantasising about the things we've always wanted to do with the reality never arriving.

When we become aware of Someday Isle, we can finally set out for what we truly want. Our motivation levels increase, and we are filled with passion, excitement and determination to eliminate the excuses holding us back and start making our dreams a reality. When this happens, we look back on our year with pride instead of disappointment.

How to set yourself free from Someday Isle   

1. Eliminate the word ‘try’ from your vocabulary. Are you the kind of person who always ‘tries’ to get something done? The word try could mean a lack of engagement in the end goal. As Yoda said, ‘Do or do not. There is no try!’ (and no  one can argue with Yoda…)  

2. Refuse to let other peoples' negativity drag you down. Ignore those who repeatedly tell you it will be difficult because this is your goal, not theirs. Instead, stay focused and eliminate their hampering thoughts from your life.  

3. Be more aware of Someday Isle and remember: there are seven days in a week and someday is not one of them. Take action by completing small steps every day that bring you closer to your goal. 

4. Recognise and eliminate the word ‘but’ from your everyday language. This word often creates excuses for yourself, and excuses prevent action. Notice if you say things such as, ‘I'd like to but…’, or ‘I would if I could but…’ Identify your excuses and find a way to address them.  

5. Get a coach. Coaching is about opening a client up to the realisation that they truly can, be or do anything. Everyone has a vast, often untapped, potential and a coach will help to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. You can read more about how a coach can help you here


If you are ready to leave Someday Isle behind why not come along to our Free Introduction to Life Coaching webinar where you can learn valuable tools and techniques that can help awaken your inner giant and reach your full potential?

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