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How To Become A Life Coach: Are you ready to focus on your dream of becoming a life coach?

The Coaching Academy Blog

Posted: November 2022

Life coaches come from various backgrounds, from teachers to business leaders, stay-at-home parents to bartenders - they all started by asking the same question - how to become a life coach?  

On our Life Coaching Diploma, we’ve seen people from every background and previous work experience transform their lives through coaching.  If you think you’re ready to pursue life coaching, then think about these three questions:   

  1. Are you inspired by personal growth and achieving goals? 
  2. Do you enjoy helping people?
  3. Are you a great listener?

If there’s a quiet (or loud) voice inside of you shouting: yes! Then it could be time for you to explore how to become a life coach.

Not sure you’re ready? Or you’re swaying on the edge of making the leap, then read on because we’ve compiled five signs that you’re ready to become a life coach.  

Five Signs That You’re Ready To Become A Life Coach:-

  1. You’re a great listener  Many coaches find that before they even think about becoming a life coach, they’re the go-to person in their friendship group or within their family. When someone needs to talk something out, or needs some accountability or perspective, they seek you out. Active listening and techniques for focusing on what someone is saying can be taught or practised, but a genuine interest in listening to other people and hearing what they have to say can’t be taught.
  2. You’re a self-starter  Many coaches, although not all, run their own coaching business. There isn’t one right way to create and run a business, so, you need to be comfortable making decisions and steering the ship. Of course, any good coaching training will teach you ethical standards, frameworks, tools, and techniques for your business, but it’ll be up to you to implement them and make them work for you and your clients.
  3. You’re constantly pushing for personal growth  Self-development and always pushing for growth are key to life coaching. Your clients will seek you out because they want their life to be different than it is right now, and they want support in getting from where they are now to where they’re going. They have dreams and goals, whether they’re seeking purpose, passion, or fulfilment. If you can’t relate, you’ll struggle to empathise with your clients.
  4. You feel a calling for life coaching   What’s a calling anyway? We describe it as when you align what you’re naturally good at with what gives you a sense of purpose or meaning. That’s your calling. Whilst the path to answering your calling might not be smooth, you feel that desire to continue moving through the rollercoaster of life towards it.
  5. You’re willing to invest in yourself   Coaching is an unregulated industry, anyone can say they’re a life coach, but that doesn’t mean that anyone can do it, especially not well and deliver the results their clients are searching for. If you want to be the most effective and feel equipped with the skills, tools, and learning to be a life coach, then you’ll need to invest in a life coaching qualification that provides you with everything you need.

How to become a life coach?

An accredited life coaching training qualification will provide you with the tools, techniques and training to become a successful life coach.  It will support you with evidence-based frameworks, methodologies, and coaching techniques so that you have the right tools. You’ll study and learn from experienced trainers with a wealth of knowledge and have lots of peer coaching opportunities to put your learning into practice.      

For example, here at The Coaching Academy, you’ll learn life-changing skills as a life coach, and our coaching programmes are externally accredited by professional organisations such as the ICF, Association for Coaching, and CPDSO.   

There you have it, the five signs that you’re ready to pursue your dream of becoming a life coach!

So, what’s next in your life coaching journey?  

Well, why not join us for one of our free Introduction to Life Coaching webinars?   With multiple dates a week, there’s bound to be a time to suit you!

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