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Coaching Creates Moments To Think

The Coaching Academy Blog

Posted: October 2022

The world we live in right now is full of uncertainty. People’s definition of success and happiness is changing. People don’t want to work in jobs just for the money and flashy lifestyle. They want to have careers where they feel fulfilled, they serve others by bringing life-changing experiences and they have time freedom.

Coaching in its purest and richest form makes two very magical things happen:

  1. Clients have a transformational experience where they feel empowered to act and bring liberating change.
  2. Coaches become powerful in the questions they ask, the impact they make and the experience they create for their clients.

If you want to grow a coaching business become consciously aware of these insights that will help you create a powerful coaching experience:


One Powerful Conversation at A Time

Coaching is about unlocking someone’s potential and helping them move forward in life. It is about creating a space to listen and meet them where they are at. Often we can make assumptions about others which are false and our own narrative.  We become too concerned with how we are coming across as coaches as opposed to solely being focussed on asking powerful questions to create powerful coaching experiences. This requires building rapport, trust, and human-to-human connections to create relationships where you nurture and make an impact by making others feel heard. As Maya Angelou said: “People will never forget how you made them feel.” 


Stop Overcomplicating It

The line I am forever sharing when I mentor The Coaching Academy students is “you’re overcomplicating it.”   They let that ‘monkey’ part of the brain take the lead and comfortably welcome those hindering thoughts of self-doubt, fear, imposter syndrome, and procrastination into the forefront of all of our conversations and it simply holds you back. Take time out and remember pen to paper is incredibly powerful and mind dump everything on your mind. Focus on what you can control and what is aligned with your vision and let go of everything else that is not serving you. You could even rip the page in half and throw away the half that is the “stuff” that does not matter.


Be Intentionally Aware

Serve, serve, serve!  Genuinely invest in connecting with people whom you are curious to know more about and serve. Commit to seeking to understand others’ needs and build the trust from the first moment you interact with someone. Far too often people fail to engage with others and build a relationship built on trust because they allow their inner dialogue and often negative thoughts to take the lead. When you are consciously aware of your state and intentional in your thoughts, this will manifest into the feeling you have and the action you choose to take. Focus on being intentional with every client.  An example of what I have found to work well before all sessions is to ask myself powerful a question such as: “What would make this a great session for my client today?” 


Create Space

Coaching can be one of the only times in a crazy busy week where the time and space are given to just think. It’s like going for a walk in nature where you can feel calm and take a deep breath to let go of all the thoughts and distractions. Exercises like breathwork and meditation before sessions can be powerful to help draw this focus and invite innovation and creativity. There is something incredibly enlightening when silence brings safety and comfort to the conversation and not an uncertain awkwardness.


Invest In Yourself

Great coaches are always learning. They have a growth mindset where obstacles lead to success. When you invest in yourself, you will naturally create a space around you filled with people who make you raise your game and bring out the best in you. People who give you time, space and listen. It will bring you opportunities in life.


As a Coach you have the ability to make a difference and change lives including your own. It may not feel like it’s changing the world at first. Stick with it. Be consistently consistent. In times of doubt, fear and uncertainty, remind yourself of the starfish story where you may not be able to change the world, but you can at least change a small part of it for someone and watch that create a ripple effect.

Start by creating moments to think. 


Natalie Potts is one of The Coaching Academy’s award-winning graduate coaches, and a Coaching Academy Mentor.  As a business growth strategist and performance mentor she works with coaches and business owners to grow their businesses with confidence. In addition to this, Natalie has been a passion for younger generations and education where she works within schools delivering workshops in thinking, learning and revision strategies. Natalie also continually invests in her own growth and personal development from business to being a volunteer for Shout Crisis. This opportunity has not only helped her to focus on her own skillset, but add value to others’ lives in creating a safe space for them to talk about their mental wellbeing.


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