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Coach In The Spotlight - Agnes Gomori

The Coaching Academy Blog

Posted: July 2022

We are pleased to be featuring Agnes Gomori as our Coach in the Spotlight in this week’s blog. Agnes is a mindset coach, artist and healer empath. After receiving her Personal Performance Coaching Diploma, she studied team and group coaching and anxiety coaching at TCA. Agnes spent over 20 years on self-development, including studying mindfulness, energy healing, hypnotherapy, NLP and positive psychology.

She is passionate about empowering fellow empaths through combining coaching and the healing power of arts and nature.

What has led you to coaching?

I just started another self-development phase of my life when I came across coaching about 10 years ago. By then I studied mindfulness and energy healing, and just finished my hypnotherapy training.  A friend of mine talked about coaching, and it intrigued me. For me, it was a brand-new concept, where the art of listening is considered a true value, as the coach encourages the client to find the solution by asking the right questions.  I was always interested in talent management, to bring the best out of people. Coaching sounded like the icing on the cake. Instead of giving advice, like a mentor or a consultant does, the coach empowers the client, knowing that they know the perfect answers themselves. This was game-changing and resonated with me deeply, I knew I had to learn it. After the wonderful free coaching introduction, I immediately signed up for The Coaching Academy’s Life Coaching Diploma.

Most people become a coach to change the lives of others… How has coaching benefited your own life?   

It changed my life tremendously. My first coach was fresh out of training when I became her practice client, and I ended up being her paying client on and off for two more years. I knew that by investing in my self-development; I was investing in my future. For instance, learning to set up healthy boundaries and maintaining them, soon had positive results.  I believe that it’s a crucial part of the coaching journey to work with a professional coach. With the right coach, you can change your belief about what you can achieve in life. It’s quite magical. And not only that, you can achieve your goals faster because you’re more focused and held accountable.

How did the qualification slot in with your busy life?  

When I started my coaching journey, the training days were all in person. Since the pandemic, the Academy offers virtual live training days, which are conveniently paced. A great piece of advice a trainer gave us was: don’t rush through the course just to get the coaching diploma. I couldn’t agree more. Slowing down paid out for me. It allowed me to experience different styles of coaching with my practising clients, and a clear idea about what I wanted to offer in my business. 

What was the most rewarding part of your coaching journey?

Seeing the actual changes in my clients’ lives is very rewarding indeed. I work mostly with creatives and healers who are empaths or highly-sensitives. I love witnessing the change in their self-belief and how they transform into empowered heroes who are no longer self-sabotaging. Thanks to the internet, I coach clients globally, which is again, very rewarding.   

Tell us about the work you do! How are you using your coaching skills?

As a multidisciplinary artist and healer empath, I knew I wanted to combine my creativity and intuition with coaching. I established Mindset Salon, where I combine traditional coaching with art and nature-based healing.    

I offer intuitive mindset coaching for creatives and healers who identify as an empath or a highly sensitive person. All of my sessions are gender-inclusive.   Around the time when I started my coaching studies, I also did a course in NLP and later in positive psychology. I combine some of these methods to create a unique offering for my clients. 

What’s the biggest area in coaching you are curious about and why?

I love the fact that coaching is so open in terms of what you can specialise in. I was especially curious about mindful and holistic coaching because they resonate with my core values the most.   The combination of these techniques is what I call deep coaching; it’s the closest to my heart. The aim of these sessions is to create a mind-body-soul balance with my clients through embracing creativity and spirituality.

What are the best resources that have helped you along your coach training journey?

Reading coaching-related books was really helpful, there are lots of great recommendations from trainers and fellow students too. The Coaching Academy Facebook student group is very supportive, and the online student portal has lots of useful resources, such as webinars on different coaching topics.

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a life coaching career?

Coaching can be indeed life-changing. It’s so incredibly empowering. You will see the world through new lenses, and this will allow you to make better decisions in your life and help many people do the same.  I recommend signing up for the free coaching introduction webinar. For me, it was important to train with the best, and The Coaching Academy provides outstanding training. I felt supported all the way through, not only by the trainers but by fellow students too. I also recommend coaching clients early in the training so you can have valuable feedback from the start.

Thank you Agnes Gomori for sharing your coaching journey with us!


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