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Announcement: Additional Bursary Funding this May


Posted: 8 days ago

We are proud to announce additional bursary funding throughout May for the Coaching within Education Diploma for anyone working within the Education sector!

The Announcement

 The Coaching Academy is proud to actively support coaching within the Education sector.  As a result, we are offering additional bursary funding to anyone who is connected to education in any way and enrols on our Coaching Within Education Diploma to become a qualified coach throughout the month of May! 


Whether you are covering the fee yourself or your employer is, you're eligible!

This additional bursary funding is available to anyone within or is connected to the education sector and wants to add coaching skills to their toolbox:

  • School staff or school counsellors who wish to work with young people, parents and families  within the education sector;
  • Teachers who wish to learn coaching skills to unlock the potential of their students;
  • Leaders within the educational sector who wish to support and develop their staff using a coaching approach;
  • Parents, school governors, members of the PTA who wish to empower young people to make great decisions in life;
  • Or anyone connected to the education world.

If you're connected to education in some way you are able to tap into the Additional Bursary Funding for you to be able to train to be a qualified coach within the education sector.

What that means is regardless of whether or not you are covering those enrolment fees yourself or your employer is covering those enrolment fees, you can take advantage of our extended bursary funding.

Previously to this, you were only eligible for that bursary funding if you were covering those enrolment fees yourself, but we know that within the education sector, it’s really important for funding to be spent well.

We believe that investing in people to use coaching skills within schools, nurseries, colleges and universities is so important to the education sector and the development of our young people.  So take that next step, train to be a qualified Educational coach today. 

Get in touch with our team to find out how it works.  

Option 1: Call us 0208 996 5057  

Option 2: Email us info@the-coaching-academy.com  

Option 3: Book a call and we'll get in touch.

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