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Mohinish Khosla - 'It was an honour to be there'


We caught up with our successful and award-winning coach, Mohinish Khosla for a quick Q&A for the Coach in The Spotlight column.

Mohinish shared more about his work as a coach, how CPD has developed his skills and what it meant to have his hard work recognised at the International Coaching Awards last year. We hope you enjoy his inspiring story. 

What is your coaching niche?

My name is Mohinish Khosla and I’m a life strategist. I help people strategize and resolve through their daily life maze by keeping calm, happy and focused. I deal in various segments such as 1-1 (personal coaching, Parent Coaching, Child Coaching, and Youth Coaching), Small Business and Corporate but linking with common factors:

1.     Relationship.

2.     Stress management.

3.     Resilience. 

How has this award benefitted you personally and professionally?

The award has given me confidence in myself that I am making a change and can make myself better every day with dedication. Professionally I would like to say award gave me the chance to grow my network and got in touch with great guides and mentors as well as it did increase people’s confidence in me.

What was your favourite part of the awards evening?

The evening was great and it was an honour to be there. However, if I had to pick one would be networking and party time was my favourite.

How has Continual Professional Development enhanced your coaching?

CPD has been a blessing for me personally and for my coaching career, I believe every profession needs to be like flowing water - as flowing water keeps it fresh. CPD has the same impact on people keeping them fresh and updated with knowledge as well as making them more flexible in their approach. 

I then help my clients today with the different problems at the same time I hold a big bag of tool which are suitable for their need and situations.

I personally believe we can only give what we possess it can be knowledge, love or money. CPD gave me that knowledge, and confidence which I use to gain knowledge which I can provide my clients with that will help them.


 Can you tell us about your experience of winning CPD Coach of the Year at the 2018 awards?

I believe the feeling is indescribable, it can only be felt or understood with emotions. The feeling is proudness and satisfaction which is not only your achievement but your peer and clients and the satisfaction of you giving back to society because we work for people and the more they do better in their life the more we rise in our profession. 


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