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Mahjabin Quadir: Live, learn and love what you do!


Reflecting on my 15-year career within a corporate environment and personal experiences, what shone through the most was connecting and working in partnership with individuals, developing them to enabling positive outcomes and being open to learning. I had been a Leadership Consultant who also coached, across various business areas for over 5 years, was completing a Counselling and Clinical Skills Diploma with a drive and passion to broaden my skills.

My coaching journey

I attended the Free 2-Day Foundation course, which gave me a great snapshot of what The Coaching Ademy had to offer, affirming my aspiration to become a qualified coach. I wanted to freshen up my coaching, give myself an alternative perspective which would complement my existing skills and further my future possibilities.

I took the opportunity to invest in myself and enrolled for both Personal Performance Diploma (PPD) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Courses. 

The most interesting part to learn, was the flexibility and the depth of the coaching framework. I coached individuals on what they wanted or how they wanted to be; in relationships, being a good parent, being confident, having a new career, health and wellbeing and more- without giving any advice. The art of impossible becoming possible right before my eyes!

Being on the journey with your client side by side, seeing the magic and their potential unlocking is transformational. The most rewarding part is hearing the excitement in their voice, as they share their successes and realize for themselves that the answers, they have been looking for have all come from within. Truly empowering!

I enjoyed learning through the various mediums, stretching my way of thinking and being. It gave me an opportunity to reflect, adapt, and improve myself and my coaching ability.

Throughout, my qualification on a fortnightly basis I was forward planning, prioritizing and re-prioritizing; both to keep me on track and maintain perspective of work, life and study balance.

There were other things to consider whilst I was qualifying:

Life - Life didn’t stand still.  I had many situations present themselves to me. Being aware of my preferred style helped whilst the flexibility of completing the diploma allows for it to work around your life.

Having a goal! Mine was to complete both NLP and PPD within a year. Managing my time and commitments was important. One month, I decided not to attend a PPD Accelerator Day to allow me to focus on NLP.

How would I find clients to coach?

I was surrounded by them every day; my role was to identify opportunities to coach.

Where am I now?

I completed both NLP and PPD within the year. Certified as Level 2 DISC Coach and started a new role within the corporate environment, being a facilitator for an agile development team as a Scrum Master.

Through the community work I do with young people and a secondary school, I wanted to learn how to adapt my coaching skills to positively influence the lives of parents, teachers and young people subsequently completing the Coaching in Education Accelerator week.

It is my intention as I continue to explore my future opportunities, to continue to self-develop, attend CPD day’s and deliver a range of coaching using my renewed insights, tools and techniques.

I have met some wonderful people on my journey. Take the time to get to know people, wherever you are on your journey – you never know who you might meet or the “golden nugget” they will share. Sharing is caring.

I wish you the very best of luck in achieving your future goals and making your dreams come true with your plans.

My top tips for:

People who are looking at coaching

  • Be open minded and curious
  • Attend TCA's Free 2-Days. What have you got to lose?!
  • Grab a drink of your choice, relax and take time to review the academy site

Those coaches currently in training

  • When the box arrives, it looks bigger than what is actually in it, think of it as a present to yourself, be excited, get stuck in
  • Use the “To complete PPC Diploma” (flow diagram), write on it, mark it off when you have you completed something, make yourself feel good
  • Have fun, create a visual board  
  • Connect and build your network – those around you will support you
  • Take time to review your progress, keep forward planning, make reminders for yourself and remember to treat yourself when you reach milestones.
  • For those doing NLP, take a day off after the 3-day weekend – you will need it!

Coaches that are about to qualify

  • Review the submitting your paperwork area on the site 
  • Create a tick-sheet – have you got everything in order?
  • Acknowledge how far you have come, keep going, you are nearly there
  • Celebrate your achievement – you did it!! 
  • Keep practicing, doing what you do – how many more lives can you transform?

People that are in a similar situation to yourself?

  • It’s ok if you haven’t got it all figured, yet – the world is still your oyster! Live, Learn, Laugh and Love what you do.
  • Keep opening the doors of possibility and doors of possibility will open for you.


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