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Wioleta Wydrych: I was re-born and connected!


This week, our lovely fulfillment coach, Wioleta Wydrych shared with us her remarkable self-discovery journey and how coaching empowered her to re-design her life and started doing what she loved. From feeling like dying to being born again, Wioleta has found her life purpose and started her own coaching practice where she passionately helps people to follow their heart, find fulfillment and live their dream. We hope you enjoy reading Wioleta's inspiring story!

What brought you to coaching? 

I was seeking for approval, studying chemistry so my dad was proud. I was climbing the corporate ladder so I could prove to myself that I’m worthy. 

But it was never enough. I had to hit rock bottom to find my value and realise my purpose. At the same time, I was going through a divorce, burnout at work and depression. I hated myself cause my life didn't have a meaning and I felt worthless. I was completely disconnected from the world around me. 

One day, I was driving to work, thinking ‘’what did I do with my life’’, asking myself a question: ‘’would anybody even miss me?’’. It got to the point that I wanted to disappear, I didn’t want to live any longer.

That’s when I discovered coaching. But I still felt like this isn’t real. I believed, ‘’it’s not possible to do what you love and earn money from it’’ - until my counsellor mentioned coaching to me again. So, I thought ‘’Is it real?’’ and I’ve found The Coaching Academy’s free 2-Days

My journey with The Coaching Academy started at the same time as my self-discovery journey. As soon as I signed up for Personal Performance Diploma, I started writing a book and understanding myself better. I understood what was missing in my life. I had a sudden urge to do things that were meaningful and helped others. So, I started studying counselling, helping children with challenging behaviours and autism, and working within charities.

How did the qualification slot in with your current life? 

After leaving my job as an Amin Team Leader, I quickly found a sewing job instead. I wanted to have lots of time to study coaching, practise and build my business. In the meantime, I was learning and reading new books every day. While sewing for the 8 hours a day, I managed to listen to 2 audio books a day. I’ve learned so much about the way that our mind works so I was implementing it straight away into my own life and practising with my clients. I wanted to finish my diploma quickly, so I started practising straight away and was easily able to find practice clients on Facebook and within our coaching community group. 

What was the most rewarding part of the journey? 

This was bringing me so much joy and satisfaction. I was back on track again, connecting with people! Understanding and listening to people was bringing me (and still does) a real sense of fulfilment. This is what was missing in my life: Helping others to see their own value, thrive and live the life they’ve always wanted. 

Where are you now? What is your coaching niche? 

I started my own coaching business where I help people to find fulfilment, do what they love and follow their heart. I have chosen this niche as I experienced the power of coaching when I was doubting if I could do what I loved and earn money from it. The work that I’ve done on myself, on my self-worth and on becoming kinder to myself helped me to create my successful business. 

I started working with autistic children. It is an amazing opportunity for me to give all the love that I carry in my heart and help those that need it the most by believing in themselves and helping them bring the best out of them. Working with children is my great passion. I was once a rebel, now I’ve got a chance to help kids to understand and control their emotions better.

A few months ago, I started an Associate Coaching Contract for early help within communities for children with challenging behaviours. The more I work with these kids the more dreams I have for my future. I devote 20% of the money I earn from coaching into the workshops to support children with challenging behaviours, autism, ASD and ADHD. 

I remember when I’ve had my first coaching session, I set myself a goal to record a video. It felt impossible that time, especially with the English not being my native language. 2 years later, I delivered a speech to the audience of 100 people. And I can honestly say, I do what I love, and it is fulfilling. 

What are your coaching top tips?

People who are looking to become qualified as a professional coach?

Hire a Coach so you can save time and progress faster instead of worrying and doubting in yourself.

Those currently in training with TCA?

Practise as much as possible and implement what you learn daily. Keep your learning record sheets up to date.

Coaches, that are about to qualify?

Never stop learning. The better you are the easier it is to find clients. Reflect after every session and learn from your mistakes. Read lots of coaching and personal development books.


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