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Nicky Peachment – No regrets leaving my 20-year full-time job


This week our accomplished coach, Nicky Peachment shared her incredible journey and why she had no regrets leaving her 20-year full-time job to embark on a new journey that has fulfilled her dream. Having completed two Diplomas with distinction, Nicky is now excited to launch her own coaching practice and charity coaching programmes. We hope you enjoy reading Nicky’s brave journey…

Coaching attracted me because I was looking for a new career that would enable me to work directly with people.  After 20 years of working full time, I also wanted to build on my experience as a manager in a charity, business developer, psychology graduate and a Chartered Marketer. 

My journey started back in 2014 when I went on The Coaching Academy's  Free Introduction to Life Coaching Webinar after being made redundant from a leading UK charity. Although I loved the weekend, the timing wasn’t quite right for me to start a diploma. However, the coaching bug had definitely caught me, and I started my two coaching diplomas in 2017.   

Of course, with hindsight, it’s easy to say it would have been great to qualify sooner.  But I have no regrets because the international and contract experience, I gained in the workplace since 2014 have been so useful.   

Once I signed up, I quickly discovered I had much to learn. Particularly as I studied for the Personal Performance Diploma alongside the Corporate and Executive one. I found the flowcharts and Coaching Academy team were really helpful, and it was a pleasant surprise how useful my new-found coaching skills became in customer and team meetings. 

I also found it really useful to have the practical experience and assessments which run alongside the modules, assessment days and webinars. I can’t imagine qualifying as a coach without having practical experience and assessments. After all, you are developing a practical skill. 

Being coached by others was extremely valuable, particularly being coached through my resignation from full time charity management, transitioning to focus on my studies and starting my own business. 

Why did I resign from a full-time job? Well, it was a challenge to fit in assessments and coaching sessions for many reasons. It was ‘do-able’ but knowing where my future was going to be, it became frustrating trying to do it all. So, I saved hard and took the brave decision to leave my job 6 months sooner than I’d initially planned.  

My fellow coaches have helped me through my diplomas and setting up my own business. If any of you are reading this - then a huge thank you for helping me to tackle my many gremlins and secure two Diplomas with distinctions. It’s been an incredible journey and it’s been wonderful to have you there with me. 

Looking ahead, I can’t wait to work with more managers and business owners who are struggling to achieve their goals; battling overwhelms, low confidence or procrastination.  Seeing my clients succeed and grow really is the best feeling. 

That’s probably why my favourite coaching question is ‘how are you getting in your own way?’ because it can lead to some really empowering answers for my clients.  

This year, alongside my growing client base of business owners; I’m looking to coach more senior managers as well as launching my charity coaching programmes.  I’m excited about developing my coaching practice because I’m keen to work with even more clients. It’s so rewarding. 

Then next year, I’d love to do a course in NLP to continue my personal development. I’ve also got ideas for running workshops, writing a book and lots more. But for now, I’m focused on building a coaching practice that delivers for each of my wonderful clients. 

My top tips:

For people who are looking at coaching

I would definitely recommend the 2-Day weekend course.  Even if it you’re not ready to commit to a diploma immediately, you’ll learn something that you can use immediately. Then you can come back to The Coaching Academy when the timing is right for you. 

For coaches currently in training

If you’re already in training, then I hope you’ve got yourself a coach - if not, then I would highly recommend it because you’ll learn from their approach, plus they can give you support to get your diploma. It’s a win-win!  

For coaches about to qualify

Don’t be afraid of the paperwork. Get stuck in and it will soon be done. When I started procrastinating, it really helped to focus on how amazing it will feel to have completed it. (And remember to celebrate when you get your coaching qualification - you’ve worked hard for it!) 

For people in a similar situation to yourself

If you’ve left your job to be a full-time coach, then I congratulate you on a brave step. I’d recommend you get yourself a coach, and that you tap into the amazing support network of coaches and business owners around you.

You can catch up with Nicky's progress on running her own coaching practice and special charity coaching programmes here: https://www.nickypeachment.com