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International Coaching Awards: Meet our Winners


Posted: 534 days ago

Coaches help transform the lives of so many, and The Coaching Academy believes that the outstanding work achieved by its coaches deserves recognition. The International Coaching Awards was created to celebrate our community and recognised their success over 10 different categories.

Celebrating our community 

Now in its fifth year, the Awards ceremony continues to carry the ethos of The Coaching Academy by celebrating success and inspiring greatness. It is an evening where TCA students, trainers, qualified coaches and their loved ones can come together and honour the people who continually make a difference through coaching. 

The Coaching Academy firmly believes that great work achieved by its coaches deserves recognition and so the awards ceremony was born. After last year's hugely successful event we remain committed to celebrating the fantastic achievements of TCA qualified coaches who continually inspire and make a difference to the lives of so many.

Meet our Winners

The International Coaching Awards is comprised of 10 different categories. Recognising excellence in a range of niches and backgrounds, our annual ceremony is an evening steeped in celebration and inspiration. 

Life Coach of the Year 

The Life Coach Of The Year Award is our most prestigious award. We are looking for outstanding coaches, who have solid coaching experience and have grown a thriving coaching practice.

Winner: Simon Alexander Ong 

Simon Alexander Ong is a qualified coach and NLP Practitioner, who specialises in business development and working with business owners. He works primarily on a 1-2-1 basis with visionaries, leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, executives and high achievers who are wanting to move to the next level of their success and overcome any barriers to their growth. Simon is also an accomplished public speaker, delivering talks in places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Singapore and London. 

Finalists: Suzie Flynn and Stuart Betteridge

Best Newcomer 

The Best Newcomer Award is awarded to a qualified coach, who has recently graduated and is using their coaching skills uniquely and powerfully to grow a thriving coaching practice, in any niche within a business or corporation.

Winner: Rebecca Tucker 

Rebecca Tucker is confidence and mental health recovery coach, who uses techniques from coaching and CBT Therapy to make a lasting difference. Rebecca is also a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner working within the NHS, helping people overcome challenges with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and more. 

Finalists: Rachel Russell and Claire Brown 

International Coach of the Year 

The International Coach of the Year Award is awarded to a qualified coach who is using their coaching skills internationally.

Winner: Ronia Fraser 

Ronia Fraser is a Protégé coach with The Coaching Academy and is a qualified Personal Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner and Corporate and Executive Coach. She works with clients all over the world helping them recover from Narcissistic Abuse. Ronia uses coaching not only to create a non-judgement and compassionate environment but also to strategically facilitate the healing journey. 

Finalists: Meelike Eenpuu-Villup and Nikki Alderson

Executive Coach of the Year  

The Executive Coach of the Year Award is awarded to a qualified coach who uses their coaching skills in large-scale corporate environments.

Winner: Jo Emerson 

Jo Emerson is a qualified coach and NLP practitioner who specialised in confidence and human behaviour. Her focus in the corporate sector encourages a culture of coaching through vulnerability and truth-telling. This creates high performing teams who trust one another enough to take risks, innovate and act as interdependent parts of a living-whole. Jo creates safe spaces for people to open up, be real, challenge and be challenged, and overcome legacies from the past that so often hinder growth. 

Finalists: Simon Alexander Ong and Sonja Kirschner 

Small Business Coach of the Year 

The Small Business Coach of the Year Award is given to a qualified coach who uses their coaching skills in small businesses and start-ups. 

Winner: Karen Kissane 

Karen Kissane is a qualified coach and accredited in DISC personality profiling with The Coaching Academy. Karen works with many clients in service-based business, such as fellow coaches, consultants and therapist, to meet their business objectives and thrive. Through her business, Karen empowers others to strategize, market and find the breakthroughs they’re looking for in their businesses. 

Finalists: Lisa Zevi and Nikki Wild 

Coaching within Education 

The Coaching within Education Award is given to a qualified coach who uses their coaching skills in the education sector. 

Winner: Natalie Costa 

Natalie Costa has been a qualified coach for 5 years and has over 10 years of experience in the Education sector. She runs a range of workshops within schools,  ranging from whole school sessions, half-day workshops, 6-week programmes, as well as parent talks, staff wellbeing sessions and 1-2-1 coaching sessions. Natalie has also published two activity booked titled ‘Find Your Power’ and ‘Stretch your Confidence.’ 

Finalists: Rachael Bushby, Daniela Terrile and Soubia Jawaid 

Coaching for a Cause 

The Coaching for a Cause Award is awarded to a qualified coach who is using their coaching skills to give back. This could include coaching within non-for-profits/NGOs/charities, coaching underrepresented groups, refugee coaching, disability coaching, coaching through adversity and/or coaching individuals for a cause.

Winner: Paul Dorrington 

Paul Dorrington is a qualified coach, mental health recovery and vocational rehabilitation specialist and public speaker. He works with extremely unrepresented groups both in his coaching business and in his role with the NHS – where he works as the Lead Employment Specialist for a service that helps people with severe and enduring mental health conditions rebuild their lives achieve their vocational goals. Paul is passionate about supporting people with mental health conditions, helping them to retain jobs, often by working closely with businesses and employers to empower and support their employee’s recovery. 

Finalists: Kate Baily and Christopher Catt 

CPD Coach of the Year 

The CPD Coach of the Year Award is awarded to a CPD Accredited Coach who is committed to enhancing their skillset and continuing their professional development.

Winner: Natalie Potts

Natalie Potts is a CPD accredited coach, who is qualified with our Personal Performance Diploma and our Corporate and Executive Programme. Her niche is in Personal Development & Business Coaching, intertwining this with emotional intelligence and helping clients in attaining clarity of their purpose in life – including their values, vision and mission. Natalie says CPD has added huge value to her coaching toolkit and she is committed to continuing her learning and development. 

Finalists: Harrison Green and Lisa Cooper

NLP Practitioner 

The NLP Practitioner of the Year Award is awarded to a qualified NLP practitioner/coach who is using their NLP skills within their coaching or practitioner business, or within an organisation.

Winner: Katalin Marton 

Katalin Marton is a qualified NLP Practitioner, Accredited in DISC profiling and professional member of ANLP who is using her NLP skills in-house, working in the area of Transformation and Planning within CoSector University of London. She works in all aspects of change management, including people, process, systems and leadership analytics and regularly uses her NLP, coaching and DISC skills within this multifaceted role. 

Finalists: Lisa Cybaniak and Melanie Coeshott 

DISC within Coaching Award 

The DISC within Coaching Award is awarded to a DISC certified and/or accredited professional who uses their DISC skills within their professional life to enhance their communication, understanding and results.

Winner: Victoria O’Farrell

Victoria O'Farrell offers comprehensive and taster DISC workshops with corporate clients, within the third sector and with smaller groups and individuals. She is DISC Accredited and has completed the DISC Licence Trainer Programme with The Coaching Academy. Victoria has also incorporated her DISC skills within her role as a menopause ambassador, by helping women understand themselves deeper, and how this can change as their hormones change through menopause. 

Finalists: James Machon and Victoria Hill 

Where it all began 

What do all these award winners have in common? They all began their coaching journey by attending our free 2-day coaching foundation event.

It's interesting to note that so many people attend our free 2-day event initially thinking "What's the catch?" "There must be a catch" Why is this free?" ...and this group of worthy winners were probably no exception! The difference is, they came along and realised there was no catch, just two days of world-class training to help delegates make an informed decision about coaching and The Coaching Academy.

Following their attendance, they enrolled with The Coaching Academy and became qualified and accredited, never dreaming they would be collecting a prestigious coaching award after they completed their training with us.

So... this is your opportunity - You too can find out what coaching is all about by attending our free foundation course... and who knows, you too could one day be an award-winning coach.

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