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4 reasons to connect with your values

The Coaching Academy Blog

Posted: October 2019

It is easy to get so caught up in the busyness of life that we forget to tune into what's really important to us. This can cause us to aimlessly drift through life without a clear direction, leaving us feeling lost and despondent.

Oftentimes, what we need most is to simply take a step back, take stock and review what we value most. Doing so leads to a more fulfilling, and full life – here are 4 reasons to connect with your values

1. It lends resilience 

When faced with challenges and adversity many of us go into autopilot. We shift into our default ways of coping, as opposed to taking time to reflect on ways to resolve said challenges that align with our values. 

As an example, let’s say a person with a clear value of being a supportive parent is also going through the process of a divorce. The choices and decisions they would make to be a supportive parent would directly influence how they choose to handle the divorce. This is because when we get clear on our values, it can help to keep things in perspective when treading troubled waters.

2. It keeps you on track 

When we are clear on what we value our actions often aligned to ensure we’re living in accordance with them. For example, if someone has a top value around health then they are much more likely to prioritise eating healthy and exercising – as to not do so would leave them feeling incongruent. 

Clarity on our values encourages us to reflect on our actions, and if these actions are bringing us closer to our goals or off base. Ultimately, our values can be seen as signposts for keeping us on track. 

3. It enhances decision making 

Indecisions and confusion is often the result of feeling unsure of what it is we really want. However, when our core values are clear, decision making becomes simplified. As if, for example, a person has a strong value around spending time with their family, committing to a job which may require them to frequently travel may not line up with that value, whereas if someone’s value is around career advancement, this opportunity could be perfect. 

When we understand what’s important to us, making decisions, is easy and seamless. We know when something is right or wrong for us because we have done the reflective work required to really understand our core values. 

4. It helps you stay balanced 

Feeling off-balance often comes from incongruency – when our actions, values and beliefs aren’t aligned. Instead, when we understand what makes us tick, we’re better able to move through life with a sense of self-assurance and dignity. We forgive slip-ups, we strive to centre ourselves and find peace within, even when the world around us can feel chaotic. 

When we devote our energy to unravelling the mystery of what is truly important to us, we make choices which help us to live a life which is congruent with what makes us happy. We feel more in sync with who we are and have clarity on the path ahead. 

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