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Lisa Zevi - Why I became a coach


Before agreeing to attend The Coaching Academy’s 2-Day event with a friend who really wanted to go, I had no idea what coaching was. I definitely came into it with an ignorant and cynical view about 'fluffy’ life coaches, determined not to be 'taken in’ by any of it.

The reality is that coaching has been an integral part of who I am since the day I was born. My mother was a huge fan of Louise Hay and she brought me up believing that I could do anything. She challenged my sisters and I whenever we used the word ‘should’ and she helped me understand at a really fundamental level that I always have a choice.

Sitting in that London conference room last August, listening to the trainers explaining what coaching is and is not, I felt that I had come home. I realised in that moment that this is what I was born to do. People have always come to me to help them get clear; I have been noticing and challenging limiting beliefs for as long as I can remember, and I know in the very core of my being that we always have a choice.

There have been many challenges for me during the last year, including how to bring my ‘natural’ coaching skills into consciousness, how to temper my direct and challenging style so that I can better serve my clients, and how to stop offering my opinion and advice. This last one continues to challenge me as it has done throughout this process. It is a challenge that I totally accept and embrace because I know that we all have our own path to tread, that we can never really know anyone else and certainly not advise them what to do, and that my experience is not your experience.

My role as your coach is to walk alongside you, encouraging you and empowering you to learn and explore your own journey. I have a deep respect for you - your process, your ideas and your life. I firmly believe that you are capable of achieving anything you set out to do.

The truth is that none of us can really see ourselves clearly and so I offer you a ‘mirror’ so that you can see your reality and the picture you have of yourself from different angles and perspectives. I do not judge, I do not offer any opinions, experience or suggestions. I have no agenda apart from wanting to help you move forward. I trust that you have all the answers you seek, and I will help you find them. I am a challenging but compassionate coach, who believes strongly that each person can succeed in their lives. 

Coaching is the perfect complement to the work that I do with entrepreneurs and leaders of small businesses. At COO in a BOX, I help my clients get up and out of the day-to-day running of their businesses by playing to their strengths and building strong management teams around them as they grow. There is no greater thrill for me than helping someone move from feeling like a complete failure, overwhelmed by their business and spread far too thin, to a place where they are loving their business again, focussing on all the bits they enjoy and seeing their team thrive and grow.

In some ways, I feel that I’m still at the very start of my coaching journey. There is always more to learn, and I am committed to continuing to improve my skills and experience so that I can be of service to my clients. I am so grateful that my friend dragged me along to The Coaching Academy’s Free 2-Day training event and I am delighted that I got totally ‘taken in’ by it all.

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