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Daniela Terrile: 'I found coaching during a powerful moment in my life'


Posted: 611 days ago

Our Coach in the Spotlight this week is Daniela Terrile, who graduate from The Coaching Academy in 2016, and has since become a Professional Certified Coach with ICF.

Daniela shares what sparked her passion for coaching, where she is now, and let us know more about her book on systemic coaching. We hope you enjoy this insightful interview. 

When did you first discover coaching?

I discovered coaching during a powerful moment of transition in my life. At this time, in 2015, I remember finding the real ‘Daniela,’ as I touched base with my desire to bring something meaningful to people, to correspond and connect with something deeper. I decided to change everything; it has been a long transformation, which caused suffering, but also healing at the same time.

What made you choose The Coaching Academy to qualified?

I chose to study with The Coaching Academy because of the structure of the course. The training also fit around my life, as live training modules were during the weekend and other aspects were easily accessible online, to read, to prepare and the webinars were easy and fun to listen to. It was also important for me to be trained in English, as I speak 6 languages, however, English is the one I use most often when I work. 

How are you using your coaching skills now? 

I work at EU and I am an internal coach. I’m also a Professor at PoliDesign, running empowerment classes, which is a very important step for students who are undertaking the strategic design. And, I must confess I have 3 different styles of coaching, which I use according to clients and places I am working in. When I’m at EU, of course, there is more of a focus on business, whereas at PoliDesign I have created a special program ‘start-up career’ which is aimed at preparing participants to face challenges in the strategic design market. 

My passion mainly is focused on systemic coaching and systemic constellation. I have recently started a PhD at the University of Arizona, and my dissertation will be on this topic.

Can you tell us a bit more about your systemic coaching approach?

Through systemic coaching, I help my clients to understand their behaviours. It is a circular approach and is intuitively enhancing their awareness on why they do a certain thing or hold a specific limiting belief. The systemic approach is soft, gentle, ad hoc for each client, it’s unique. There is not a prefixed structure, and sometimes a simple conversation is enough to identify the hidden dimensions, that is blocking the client from living a successful life. 

As, systems are sophisticated and complex, but the good news is that there are 3 simple rules to apply to keep them safe and in good health: order, belonging and balance. I like to call this simple triplet “B O B”: 

You’ve also written a book about systemic coaching. Can you tell us a bit more about this? 

My book is called Keep calm and use Systemic Coaching. Georg Senoner, a friend of mine, inspired me to write this book, and thanks to him, I could understand the added value of coaching in organizations, and how to offer the systemic approach in management and leadership environments. My book is also offered a low price because culture should be for everybody: that is my motto.

What advice would you give to people currently studying at The Coaching Academy?

My advice is the following: 

Keep your motivation and resolutions always in front of you, like a mantra. When things become tough or unpleasant, do not let study or assessment jeopardize yourself. Understand that everything you are doing it for yourself, to improve and grow.

Being a coach is listening with open heart, open will and open head to accompany your clients in a safe path.


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