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The power of visualisation and self-image


Posted: 719 days ago

Self-image is how you think and feel about yourself. It can be constructed from the experiences you've had, the decisions you've made and your values and beliefs. While much of what making up your self-image begins with external influences, your internal filters also play a large part. As, along the way, you can pick up a trend of negative self-talk and this internal dialogue creates patterns deep in our subconscious. Challenging this negative self-image is difficult, however, techniques like visualisation can enable you to build a better self-image.

What is visualisation? 

Visualisation is a technique that helps you create a mental picture for a desired outcome. It can be used in certain therapies, meditation and goal-setting, to highlight a few. Visualisation is powerful because it activates your creative subconscious and can empower you to programme your brain for success. 

How to use visualisation for a better self-image:

Firstly, find a quiet place where you are free from distractions. You can dim the lights and play relaxing music if it will aid a sense of calm. 

Next, take some time to relax your body, practising some slow, deep breathing. Let any tension and stress melt away from your body and mind. When you have completely relaxed your body, close your eyes. Begin to visualise your true self, free from worry, or internal and external pressure. See your beauty, strength and value. If negative thoughts come into your mind, let them pass by, outside from yourself and away from your true visualisation. 

Zoom in on this visualisation, notice how your true self glows with happiness, joy and love. Then, when you are ready, step inside and experience this place as your true self. Spend as much time here as feel comfortable. Notice how your self-talk changes, how you praise yourself and build yourself up. Bask in the positivity, love and light. You can spend as much or as little time here as you wish. 

When you feel like it’s time, slowly start to become conscious of your body and your surroundings again. Whilst doing so, bring with you the warmth, happiness and self-love you have just experienced. Gently wiggle your toes and stretch your body, all the while smiling with the knowledge that your true self is always available for you to tap into. Repeat this process once, or twice a week, to give yourself time to embed this positive self-image. 

Self-image is not a static thing, it’s an ever-changing and fluid concept. By using visualisation, you are able to tap into the wealth of positivity and self-love that is available to you. Through repetition and patience, this process of visualisation can help you build a better, more authentic self-image. 

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