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3 tips for dealing with resistance to change


You can reclaim your power and get your life back on track when you learn how to stop resisting change. Our resistance to real change makes it so much harder to achieve. After all, if we didnít resist so much, would it be quite so hard?

When someone is “trying to change” and finding it a struggle, they say: “I just can’t seem to do it.”, “I don’t know why but I always end up back at square one.”, “I’ve tried so many times that I don’t bother anymore.”, “It’s just me – it’s the way I am.”, “It’s alright for you! I wouldn’t know where to start.” What all these things have in common are:

• Justification

• Powerlessness

• Indulgence

• Victim-mentality

• Lack of self-belief.

These are all different ways to resist change. But why resist being the best we can be? Why would we resist moving on, trying new things and playing with new ways of seeing ourselves?

Let’s play with this for a moment!

1. Take something in your own life – a change you’ve tried to make for a long time, but which has just never happened. Perhaps it seemed so difficult that you kept falling back into your old ways. 

2. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed for five or ten minutes. Let yourself fully consider the following possibility: imagine that there was no resistance to this change. None. Just none. Imagine that. No resistance to this change what would that be like? What might you do with no resistance with this change? That’s all. Just sit with that for five or ten minutes. 

3. Afterwards, ask yourself what you noticed. What did you discover about yourself? And how can you apply what you learned? A client did this exercise and realised all the reasons why she had given for not moving forward with a particular change were simply excuses. Having seen that for herself, she was able to move forward quickly. Knowing that it is yourself doing the resisting (as opposed to fighting some external force) is a giant step to claiming your power in terms of:

- Knowing how you are resisting this change.

- Discovering why you had resisted it.

- Shifting your approach to take the actions and enjoy this change you need.

Acknowledge the use of your own power to resist change means rather than using your power against yourself, you can begin to use it for yourself.

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