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How Coaching Helped Me Overcome My Fears – By Joanna Marszal


This week, our coach, Joanna Marszal sat down and shared with us her inspiring Coaching journey and how Coaching has empowered her to overcome her fears and limiting beliefs to become the life-changing coach she is today. We hope you enjoy…

What inspired you to enrol with The Coaching Academy?

A few years ago, from a shy girl only in a few months I changed to a courageous one – I gave up my low-paid job, moved to a bigger city and found a proper job in a big corporation. Additionally, from a totally non-sport-oriented person I changed to a very active one – after one year of training I run my first marathon, a dozen of half marathons and year after I completed my first triathlon. All of this happened only because I met the right person on my way – someone who for the first time believed in my potential without any doubts, who did not give any advices but by asking the right questions and was able to motivate me to set for myself high goals. 

Unfortunately, the positive feeling did not stay forever and after a few years, as I was achieving more and more, unhappier I was becoming. I was putting too much pressure on myself and I was comparing myself to others, what resulted that I was never fully satisfied with my achievements. I was also single for a long time and it also negatively influenced my self-esteem and self-confidence.

It is why I decided to work with a professional coach again. Not surprisingly, the situation repeated – only a few months after this cooperation, I was able to get rid of all my limiting believes, regain self-belief and be happy again. I started reading more and more about the coaching and it is how I found out about TCA’s Free 2-Days. I then enrolled on the Personal Performance Coaching Diploma and it is how my Coaching journey began.

What was/is your profession before becoming a coach?

I am still working for an International company as a Procurement Manager. My goal is to combine my professional procurement career with coaching. 

What did you find most interesting to learn?

I found it extremely interesting to learn about limiting beliefs. The Accelerator Day – Practicalities of Getting Going as a Coach was also very useful to me and it really helped me to be prepared for starting my own coaching practice. 

What was the most rewarding part of your training?

The most rewarding part of my training was my first satisfied client. However, I was also very satisfied when I received my Diploma, because English is not my first language.

Which elements of your training did you enjoy the most?

I am really glad that the course at TCA academy combines theoretical knowledge with practice. I really enjoyed coaching sessions with my practice clients as I was able to learn a lot from them. 

How did you fit coach training into your busy life?

It took me less than 12 months to complete my Personal Performance Diploma, and during that time I was working full time, was preparing for London triathlon, got married, started The Executive and Corporate Diploma and also moved to another country. I can say that it was extremely busy time for me, but thanks to all learning from the course I was able to set SMART goals and achieve them faster than ever before. 

What did you have to overcome whilst training?

During the training, I overcame the fear of other people’s opinions and the fear of the rejection. Before it held me back in many areas of my life and now without these feelings I feel much more empowered to achieve all my goals.

Where are you now? How are you using your coaching skills?

Currently I am using my coaching skills mainly on myself as I am getting ready to start my business while I will be on maternity leave. It helps me to be more organized to combine professional and personal life. I am going to launch my website and start my first coaching programme for women. 

What is your coaching niche and why did you choose it?

My target group are women in early 30-40s who want to combine busy professional career (especially those working for corporate) with family life, but still find the time for themselves – e.g. sport, passions and personal development. This niche is very close to my current situation and experience.

What do you enjoy most about being a coach?

I enjoy most about being a coach is to work with other people and see their transformation and successes.  I also like the flexibility that this profession offers. 

What are your top tips for:

People who are looking to become qualified as a professional coach?

Just give it a go! Even if after the course you are not decided to change your career, the course will help you to improve your life in all aspects and you will have the opportunity to meet fantastic people. 

Those currently in training with TCA?

Do not stop with your journey and keep going. Set a target to have at least 2 sessions per week and look for every opportunity to find a new client. 

Coaches that are about to qualify?

Set a date for submitting the final paperwork and book at least 30 minutes in your calendar every day. Use this time effectively to review and complete all forms but also to think about your niche and plan your coaching practice.

If Joanna's words have inspired you and you feel that Coaching could be a potential full or part time opportunity for you, or if you would just like to know a little more about what Coaching is and how it can benefit you and the lives of others, please contact our Specialist Course Advisor, Jamil on 0208 996 4830 or email: Jamil@the-coaching-academy.com

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