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Top 10 tips to fast-track your goals - by Richard Denny

The Coaching Academy Blog

Posted: July 2018

I hope you enjoy this article from my friend and mentor the late Richard Denny. Bev James

Our needs include: winning, pride, ego, curiosity, personal power, love, recognition, creativity, success, self-esteem, accomplishment, peer approval, emotional security, belonging, and freedom. Just the knowledge of those needs can help us to identify our own drivers or motivation.

The mind must always have something to look forward to doing or achieving.

So please, without further excuse or justification, can we all just concentrate on delivering the results we really want.

The major reason why people don’t achieve their goals is because they have neglected to form a plan. Here are my top 10 tips for reaching your goals fast:

1. If you share your life with another person 

First do what the majority of people do not do and discuss the goals that you want to achieve. Some of those will hopefully be shared goals that you will have in common. Two people pulling together become a powerful force.

2. Prepare a list and write down your goals 

They must be achievable and realistic. Let me remind you that what the mind of man can accurately conceive and believe, it will achieve.

3. Include long term and short-term goals     

Your list should contain goals that can be obtained in three months and goals way into the future – even 10 to 20 years hence. It doesn’t matter what age you are; the mind must always have something to look forward to doing or achieving.

4. Make your goals both tangible and intangible     

The goal list should contain tangibles, which can be buying houses, cars, achieving promotions, holidays etc. the intangibles relate to health, fitness, spirituality, personal and self-improvement.

5. Select your primary goals    

From the list select the goals you are going to strive for initially. These can be across the various segments of your life: private, business, social and leisure. Those first goals must be achievable in three months.

6. Form a plan    

Goal achievement just doesn’t happen. The major reason why people don’t achieve their goals is because they have neglected to form a plan. Living in a land of wishful thinking has never made anything happen. So, ask yourself, for each goal, “what do I need to do to achieve it?”

7. Write a daily ‘to do’ list    

Every day make sure that the actions on your ‘to do’ list are taking you positively towards your goal achievement. Check yourself during the day with, “what am I doing now, that takes me towards my goal?”

8. Be careful whom you tell    

Sadly, there are very few people who will support, be enthusiastic, or even interested in your goals. So just be careful who you share this personal information with. It is all too easy to allow others’ negativity or lack of interest to deflate your ambition.

9. Visualise    

Some people may find this difficult; but really try to get your mind to see you with, doing or owning the goal or goals that you are striving for. Mankind is learning more and more about the untapped human potential within our brains.

10. Smile!    

Yes, it may sound corny but the smile not only radiates a positive message to others, but it does wonders for our own happiness and sense of possibility and achievement.

Motivation and goal achievement have a direct correlation to our reaction to pain and pleasure. The first steps towards achieving a new goal may be quite slow and painful but as we get closer to the goal the pain diminishes and the pleasure increases.

So, don’t be one of those who is going nowhere – decide where you are heading – and just go for it!

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