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Coaching Has Fulfilled My Life - By Andreia Trigo

The Coaching Academy Blog

Posted: February 2018

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with NLP Practitioner of The Year 2017, Andreia Trigo, for a Q&A session for this week's Coach in The Spotlight column. We hope you enjoy…

What brought you to coaching?

After 12 years of nursing, I realised I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my work life. I had accomplished so much, from working in operating theatres, lecturing at university, doing research, and even having my own businesses. I studied advanced degrees, helped so many people in different ways and yet something was still missing in my work life.

I decided to look into what I could do that would fulfil me. I knew it had to be something I’m uniquely good at, something that I enjoyed doing, that challenged me to grow and that allowed me to give back. The answer had always been in front of me, but it took me this long to notice it.

Going back to when I was 17 years old, I was diagnosed with MRKH which means my uterus and vagina haven’t formed normally, and at such a young age I had to deal with the challenges of infertility and a major surgery to reconstruct the top of my vagina. It was a very challenging time as I questioned my identity, self-image, self-worth, my role as a woman in a relationship, in family and in society. These are not normal challenges teenagers have to deal with! Somehow, I managed to cope with it rather well, going through the stages of grief, reaching acceptance and achieving a meaningful life.

In 2016, I decided to study coaching and NLP so I could identify clearly the formula I had used to cope with the inevitable suffering of infertility. I attended TCA’s 2-Day event and then enrolled on the NLP Practitioner Diploma.

What have you enjoyed about training with The Coaching Academy?

Working full time and studying at the same time can be challenging but the course was very well organised, with long weekends away which allowed me to completely focus on learning. The homework in between was also very important to deepen my knowledge and the Accelerated learning techniques really helped me learn a lot of information in a short period of time. I enjoyed learning all the theory and techniques, and I got to work on myself and grow as a human being. It also helped me identify the formula I had used to cope with infertility and find a way of making this formula available to others. During the course, I also met a lot of like-minded people, and developed great friendships.

What inspired you to specialise in your chosen niche?

Because I have been a specialist nurse for 12 years, the NLP coaching qualification fit well and the transition to a new career of supporting people in their fertility challenges was easy. Since I qualified, I started my own business providing different services, from webinars, to group events, consulting and one to one coaching. I have also published my book “The Formula to Not Giving a F**k about Fertility” which uses NLP and Logotherapy to help readers open their minds to more resourceful ways of thinking, moving them closer to acceptance and increasing their chances of success in their fertility plan B. I’m also involved with different organisations, like Fertility Network UK, the Royal College of Nursing Fertility Forum, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Public Insight Group, European in-fertility group.

What have been the highlights of your Coaching Journey?

The year of 2017 was indeed intense, focused on my new career. And as the year was ending, I realised the best had yet to come! The hard work had paid off and I was awarded NLP Coach of the Year at TCA’s International Coaching Awards! What an event that was, with so many coaches being recognised for their efforts, reinforcing that we are in fact in the right path. Being surrounded by so many interesting and motivating people, listening to their stories and how coaching has changed their lives and helped them change the lives of others is an experience I will forever cherish.

It was the perfect ending of the year, but I was certain my growth would not stop there. Due to all my work as a nurse and NLP coach helping others in their fertility journey, I have been chosen to do a TEDx in February 2018. Doing a TEDx talk had always been a dream. But like everything else in life, dreams only come true when we are ready to welcome them into our lives. It was only when I was ok with my journey as an infertile woman, as a nurse and as an NLP coach, that I was ready to embrace the blessing of speaking at such an event, raise infertility awareness and support others opening their minds to a different perspective on their challenges.

What is your plan for your coaching business in the next two years?

The plan for the next two years is to grow the business and diversify the products I offer so I can reach more people. I can say that helping people find meaning in their fertility journey, has given purpose to my life and I finally feel fulfilled.

What are your top tips for people who are looking at coaching, and for students or coaches?

  • If you’re looking at coaching as a possible area of study, I suggest you try TCA’s 2-Day Event as it gives an insight into the different options of training.
  • If you’re currently training with The Coaching Academy, trust the process, you won’t be disappointed. The learning techniques they propose work well and will help you achieve your goal.
  • And if you already qualified as a coach, notice what niche group you’d like to coach, it needs to resonate with you and have a special meaning, it needs to be an area you are uniquely good at and that allows you to give back, so you can make a difference in these people’s lives and at the same time find purpose in yours.

If Andreia’s words have inspired you and you feel that Coaching could be a potential full or part-time opportunity for you, or if you would just like to know a little more about what Coaching is and how it can benefit you and the lives of others, please contact our Specialist Course Advisor, Jamil on 0208 996 4830 or email: Jamil@the-coaching-academy.com


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