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TCA Author Series - Part 6 - David Hare Author of The Buddha in Me, The Buddha in You


Coaching was totally instrumental in me starting, continuing and finishing my book 'The Buddha in Me, the Buddha in You, a handbook for happiness.

My reflective essay at the end of my TCA studies compared Buddhism to personal development and most of those 15,000 words found their way into the final draft!

My book is the world’s first to explain the depth and breadth of Nichiren Buddhism to an audience of personal development readers and this would have been impossible without The Coaching Academy course. I also used many coaching techniques to ‘get over myself’ when I faced with the inevitable writer’s block and initial rejections from publishers.

So it has been a huge thrill to land a deal with Penguin Random House, to see the book on the shelves of Foyles, WHS, Waterstones and to see it riding high amongst Amazon best sellers, alongside the Dalai Lama and other well-known authors. Also, more recently, to sign a deal with one of France’s biggest publishers for a French language version of the book.

Finally, writing the book has helped me live true to my core personal values which include ‘making a difference’ to the world and so the biggest buzz of all is when readers get in touch from around the globe to share that the book has transformed their lives. Thank you for everything: The Coaching Academy is a remarkable community of caring people who support, guide and encourage each other.

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